New Balance NYC 860v3 Review

First and foremost, Thank you to the New Balance team for loaning this awesome pair of shoe to me and in what good timing it came as well because I was totally pleased as I had my Plantar Fascistic injury recovering about 85% now. I am always used to running in the most thinnest of soles for a couple of months already, especially using the New Balance Minimus Zero Road for all my short runs.

When I received this new shiny box couriered over to me, I was in total ecstasy because it would just be the one to get me back on my feet again.

So whats in it? lets check it out…

New Balance Box

It was the new New Balance NYC 860v3 written on the side of the box, Yes Version 3, I saw this baby when I was covering the Real Run event in 2012, It was a limited edition shoe on display at the event, I have to say this shoe  was inspired by the graffiti artists of New York. The design incorporates many NYC-centric elements into the shoe, such as a shot of the skyline, name of each of the 5 boroughs and, of course, graffiti art. keep reading and I will show you more in details.

When I first open the box the shoe looks pretty ordinary to me, and then the colors strike me blind, I was like WOW.. this color is awesome when its new and I can’t say enough about the design.

If you have an eye for detail, you would understand why this shoe was limited edition for NYC. A synthetic mesh upper provides lightweight comfort, support and breathability. If you look carefully just right at the eyelet of the shoe, you would see the Grafiti of Staten Island sprayed in green.

Knowing that my plantar fascistic was feeling better, I took this baby out on a spin he first day I received it on my usual 5k route, as I usually run without socks and it was a rainy day I could feel the air flow on this 860v3, and it feels very airy, I do not have the older model to compare but I can sure tell you that this shoe don’t feel sluggish.

Built on a PL-1 last, the 860v3 updates the popular 760 and features a dual density medial post to help control mild to moderate over pronation, I have a mild over pronation but I am trying to correct that and running on mid strike (getting there) so with the help of this shoe I believe it will just help me do so.

Advanced cushioning in the rear of the shoe provides plenty of impact protection for heel strikers. if you are one, but I am sure liking the design on this, if you look at the back of the shoe, you can see all sorts of graffiti  going on in the shoe.

Ths shoe is made out of highly flexible blown rubber outsole (see bottom) is lightweight and helps provide a smooth ride, looking at the sole you would see those lugs carved out in flower patterns, this to me prove very versatile when I was running in the wet ground on hard cement, I notice that it provide adequate traction without getting too grippy.

The New York City skyline was one of the design elements incorporated into the shoe, the bright hue green makes it almost fashionable to wear as well as attracting attention. No matter if you are speedy or just a casual runner, this shoe is sure to turn heads.

Small hints of graffiti were worked into the design of the shoe to pay homage to the popular street art that originated in New York City

If the Big Apple doesn’t scream, “New York,” nothing does, Can you spot the Big Apple?

After having run in the shoes for a couple of months, I have to say this was one of the most comfortable shoe I have worn, It could be because

1. I am getting used to running on shoes with less sole

2. Training for races that goes only as far as Half Marathon (only lighter weight shoes will be used, this shoe weighs 11.6oz

This is my 2 cents worth on the New Balance NYC 860v3

The Good

1. The 860v3 has a very durable design which incorporates the PL-1 and Abzorb, I am sure this shoe wont be worn out that fast even if you are a hard hitter

2. No doubt this shoe weighs close to 12oz it feels light

3. This shoe has lots of style and it represents NYC if you are someone that likes fashion, I am sure this shoe will be the one for you.

The Bad

1. As I mention that this shoe weighs 12oz, for me as a lightweight runner I would prefer something in the range of less than 9oz.

2. This shoe won’t be much of a traveling companion as for its size (but I can’t fault that) as its a stability shoe

3. I love Red, and This LTD ETD should come in NY Red.. but it only comes out in this particular colors

So to sum it up here are some technical details you boys would like to know on the Men’s Limited Edition NYC 860v3

The 860v3 is the go-to shoe for runners who need support due to overpronation. Built on the PL-1 last and utilizing ABZORB heel crash technology, it’s designed to provide a light, smooth and stable run.
Weight:328.8 Grams (11.6 oz)


  • Synthetic/mesh upper provides lightweight comfort and support
  • Blown rubber outsole is extremely flexible, light, and helps provide cushioning
  • Nufoam application

If you have one do let me know how you feel on yours? tune in for more reviews.


4 responses

  1. StumblingGranny

    I have a pair of the 860 v3 not in those colours. I like them, it’s a solid shoe, and I agree it adds stability to these old feet.


    02/05/2013 at 4:52 am

    • Hey StumblingGranny, Yes I have to say I love them shoes too, as I am still a lover of cushioned shoes unlike the current fad where people only run on cloth stick together by a few thread.


      02/05/2013 at 12:12 pm

      • StumblingGranny

        Yes! I saw some gloves for feet while shoe shopping, I did not have time to make a query about them. Is there some benefit to wearing such thin footwear? I can understand why someone would prefer lighter shoes while running but can anyone enlighten me about the other qualities these “foot gloves” have?


        02/05/2013 at 8:22 pm

      • That would take a whole page or maybe more.. well the foot glove (revolutionize by Vibram 5 Fingers) have been growing supporters by day. Maybe I will do a write up on it and its benefits and flaws (hope I don’t get too many fans hating me)

        Its what people call the natural way of Running / Foot Strike.

        Anyway lots of blog post on them. You can read em all over.

        Have a great day


        02/05/2013 at 8:34 pm

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