Google Glass, Technophobia me !!

I am not sure if you find this product from google creepy but I do, somehow when I looked into what it can do, I have a vision of terror and something far worst to come, what am I becoming…  a Techophob now?I got a feeling that the people at Google is reading one to many Dragonball Z when they came up with this Idea, Check out the Vegeta’s glasses where it can read the power of their opponents, Yup I think everyone is gonna be a Dragonballer now.

I am not sure but it really makes me wonder what people can do in this world. Just saw this from Al Jazeera and would like to share with you guys, also posted a clip from Youtube on this Google Glass, What about you do you have the same feeling as I do ?

The glasses will handle most of the same tasks as smartphones,but respond to voice commands [Reuters]

Google Glass tech offers vision of the future

The wearable internet-connected gadget, not expected to hit the market until 2014, will retail for under $1,500.A new promo video for its internet-connected glasses technology known as Google Glass has given potential early adopters a chance to buy the as yet unreleased product.The video, posted on Wednesday, touted the wearable technology as one of the biggest advancements in personal computing in many years.In the video, people wore the glasses while skydiving, riding a rollercoaster, skiing, and swinging on a trapeze, but Tom Royal, editor of the London-based magazine Popular Science UK, cautioned that the product will require a great deal of investment and infrastructure.”It’s going to require a huge investment around the world to make these things work” anytime and anywhere as the video purports, Royal told Al Jazeera.Though he says the glasses come in “a clever looking, quite attractive package”, Royal, like other analysts, said consumers should temper their expectations.”The danger of hyping something this much is that clearly the technology is far behind where the hype is right now,” Rocky Agrawal of reDesign Mobile, said, adding, “there’s a real danger of setting the expectations bar too high”.

The glasses will handle most of the same tasks as smartphones, but respond to voice commands instead of fingers touching a screen.

The glasses include a tiny display screen attached to a rim above the right eye and run on Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices.

Google has said the mass-market version of Google Glass will cost less than $1,500 – the price paid by an exclusive number of computer programmers last June – but more than a smart phone.

The California-based company does not plan to start selling “Google Glass” in the mass market until 2014.

Check out the Video below

Credits and posted from : AlJazeera News (Tech)


6 responses

  1. I wouldn’t worry about anything you read on Al Jazeera…


    25/02/2013 at 5:17 pm

    • Your not a Al Jazeera person are you, but anyway I am more worried about the advancement of technology, its becoming like “Terminator” for real ..


      25/02/2013 at 5:21 pm

      • No I’m not – perhaps they have bigger plans for the Google Glasses, but I see them as nothing more than an attachment for a cell phone – I suppose we’ll have to see.


        25/02/2013 at 9:13 pm

  2. I’m with you Isaac…a foot in the door…or opening Pandora’s box….and I thought it was an AGE thing…! lol


    27/02/2013 at 12:27 am

  3. Zap

    God forbid technology advances – how DARE it.
    Back to caves for us !


    29/04/2013 at 1:26 am

    • Yes, and Caves we shall go … wait a min .. well at least not so advance.. its kinda creepy to know what people can do.

      Maybe there is time travel already invented, we never know. The citizens of the world is definitely not ready for that.



      29/04/2013 at 10:09 am

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