Baan K Residence by Bliston Bangkok review

Most people would have trouble finding a nice hotel to stay in Bangkok not because of the price .. but more of rather the variety that Bangkok has to offer, I for one has this problem, cause really there are too many hotels recommended to me by friends or from reviews. Each time I come back to Bangkok I do not stay in the same hotel as to try the different locations around Bangkok, I have stayed in The Central area,Nana, Silom, Sukhumvit, Lumphini, and even as far out as Phra Kanong, those are the past and I did not blog about those memories, but what I can offer you now is my experience this time at the Baan K, Service Residence by Bliston. Check it out below

Baan K

This hotel is situated in the North Sathron side which is actually Silom aread, cabs will not have trouble looking for it because its just behind the famous Sofitel Silom and is just opposite the Lumphini park, Do ask your cab to take a look out for this big sign that says Baan K

Baan K

Once you arrived at the hotel, the is a stairways which you can either walk up to the lobby or take the lift from the carpark which is at the ground floor, yup, the lobby is on the 1st floor, upon my arrival I was greeted by Long (pictured above).  They also serve all new arriving guest with a refreshing glass of orange just to cool you down in this hot Bangkok weather.

If you have notice there is a Trip Advisor plaque on the counter and it says  Winner for 2012 “travelers Choice” I didn’t book the hotel because of that and I sure did not know about it as well till I arrived, so now the plagued has intrigued me because its a travelers choice in trip Advisor. So lets find out why so many travelers prefers this place.

Baan K

Checking in was a standard procedure, Passport, details yada yada… but more importantly the receptionist serves you with a smile, As you can see Long here is a person that leaves no stone unturned, he speaks good English and totally knows what he is doing, I have to say he smiles pretty much (which is a good thing)He is like kinda the togo to guy here in Baan K, he pretty much knows his stuff around the area and he is willingly to impart and advice you on whats good.

Missus here wanted to head to the massage parlor that we always patronize and asked for the one closest to the hotel, not only Long showed us the way to the massage center but also recommended another one which he thinks its better (now that is good service)

Baan K

Baan K

If you need to use the internet you can always use the readily available desktop just by the lobby, but there will be a charge, anyway this hotel provides free WiFi (or as the Thai pronounces it Wee Fee)

Baan K

We took the studio room that comes with a lounge for us to chill and a kitchen to cook ( staying here for a long time that’s why I opted for this room, I have to say this room is pretty equipped with everything, Ironing board, full closest, safe box, dryer.. etc..etc.. check out the rest of the room below

Baan K

Baan K

Kitchen with full amenities, like my electric stove, sink and even microwave, but actually who needs the kitchen when you see what is offered just outside the street in front of this hotel. In-fact this hotel should just take away the kitchen and make do with a bigger toilet that has a jacuzzi.

Baan K

Toilet comes pretty standard, seen better toilets in my previous stays

Baan K

Pretty sizable bath area and the water heater works kinda like in a delay motion. You dont get the right temperature until like 10 seconds later, it’s pretty tricky but you will get the hang of it.

Baan K

If you can see my workstation with my laptop plugged in for these late night blogging, and the ready TV set with DVD player for all the late night entertainment.

Baan K

This is a good feature in the room, its an iPod Dock where you can plug in your iPhone, Ipod or Ipad into it if you are in the mood for some music, but hey it also charges your phone. ( I realized that Bangkok people prefer iPhone instead of Sammy, cause when I was hunting for my Sammy covers the iPhone covers far outweigh Sammy in comparison)

Baan K Baan K

Yes, this hotel also includes laundry service because for long stay like me, I can just wash my clothes for only 60bath , if you are lazy I have already scoured the area for a laundromat and there is one where they charge 30bath for 1kg, go figure..

Baan K

So yup this is the lane that is just outside of the hotel and where you will be crossing everyday to the BTS / MRT station. its littered with food stalls and there is a 7-11 just outside the corner. Best part is that there is this restaurant or cafe that opens till 4 am just round the corner, they sure did whipped up a mean Pad Thai for me yesterday and It was one of the best Pad Thai I ever eaten. *Scouts honor*

Baan K

So much for food, It takes about 5 min walk to the Lumphini MRT Station and 10min to Saladaeng BTS but fret not because Baan K provides this Tuk Tuk service to bring you to Saladaeng BTS and best of all its FREE !  TIPS: Saladaeng BTS Stop has tons of eatery.

So where you say this Baan K is ?? here is the address listed below

12/1 Soi Sathorn 2, North Sathorn Road, Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500

Well not all hotels are perfect, so here is my 2 cents on what I didn’t like about it

  1. Aircon is just too darn cold (its a good thing but … too cold)
  2. They have this card system which you have to tap when you enter the hotel after 10pm, its kinda like a security feature and only guest that has access card will be able to enter the hotel premises, but thats not a bad thing right? yes its not but I am hating the keys they gave us to the room, its OLD School room keys, you know KEY AND LOCK ?? so if they have such awesome high tech security keycards why can’t they implement it on their room doors and do away with the physical keys ?
  3. The shower heat delay (ok I shower in warm water even its 38Degrees hot outside)

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  1. specialized concept store is nearby bro. Looking for Chi liang building


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