Food Hunting in Bang Rak Bangkok

Hidden Gems in Bang Rak or Thanon Charoen Krung

People do get bored with food in Bangkok city and after the many occasional Tom Yum this and Tom Yum That, I am not one that will eat in the same place twice in this vibrant city of Thailand, actually if you are one that loves to eat in the restaurant or in a upper class area this post is not for you.

This time I am taking you guys on a journey to Bang Rak vicinity where you are able to savour centuries old stalls that is still around after many generations.

The flavor for the day will be duck (Pet Yang in Thai) as usually you will order food in the city which are MOO, KHAI,….  so yup, Duck it is. I told the receptionist girl that I am having duck for today, she said she NO LIKEY !  😦 sad

I manage to find this lovely restaurant called Prachak in Bang Rak


The picture below shows the humble store’s on the inside, not much of space but it sure feels homely and if you are expecting to have a nice quiet lunch or dinner, I suggest you bring your ear plug

SAMSUNG CSC The menu below which states the history of the restaurant and its food offering was pretty neat with pictures and pricing, I have to say they dedicated about two pages of its history (I am guessing all this as its all written in Thai) it sure seems that way.  When you enter this little restaurant you will find that it has this cramp space from a wall no wider than 10ft, its pretty cramp with only about 8 tables and everyone shares table.


Come on, they can’t go wrong with duck since the have been dishing this out since 1909. I am sure the picture on the left is the owner and founder of Prachak. While the lady must be his loving mummy.


Anyway, I was hungry for some duck and not looking to learn a history of this restaurant. Listening to my tummy is better than learning someone’s history and history has never been by favourite subject.

“ A Hungry Man is a Angry Man”

So feed me with your best duck!

First up on the menu that we ordered that came was this dry shrimp noodle, when it came to the table it had this aura of Mak’s noodle from Hong Kong, I was getting excited wondering that I need not travel to Hong Kong for Mak’s noodle anymore, once biten into the noodle, the texture was not the same but it did give the same appearance of Mak’s setting my hopes too high on this one. \

Noodle was alright but I have to say it wont be able to compare to Mak’s , shrimps was plump and juicy.


Next up was the roasted pork with dumplings.. another awesome roast pork noodle, roasted pork skin was crispy as well as tasty.  Roast pork was generously sliced, can you say “Crunch” “Munch” All Gone??


Why would you go into a duck stall and not order duck, Of course we did.. we ordered the whole nice yards. I have to say the Duck is aromatic and the infusion of the plum sauce goes so well, its like putting honey into tea, the Chinese preserve sausage was a surprise to me, thinking that it is gonna be a common flavor that we always from chinese preserve sausage geezz, how wrong was I.. it tasted sweet and its so juicy and delicious. See the aftermath.



Yes , Shameless me, I licked it cleaned.. it I could I would really literally licked it with my tongue.. but since there are many people around .. I used my fingers. (Finger licking good)

Prachak Pet Yang – Roasted Duck
1415, Thanon Charoen Krung,
Bang Rak, Bangkok

Next stop is a dessert stall named Boon Sap and in-fact its just opposite the road across Prachak

Boonsap Thai Desserts

Boon Sap

Boonsap Thai Desserts is a household name in Bangkok with their signature Thai desserts recipes, with a couple of wide variety to choose from, Boon Sap  have been around since World War 2 and now this place is run by the 3rd generation, and transformed to a cafe with air-conditioning and two tables; as well as serving coffee and other beverages so you can hangout and savour their delicious creations.

I for one only zoomed into the Mango Sticky rice as I have been trying to find the best stall that sells MSR,

mango sticky rice

Boon Sap

With a skin made out of bullet proof glass, some say titanium, I took second helpings for the coconut sauce that compliments the mango sticky rice.. but really this time I am in heaven, I have never seen the viscosity of the coconut cream in such form. its so rich and creamy. OMG taste like heaven, I need her recipe and I need it bad. This could be one of the best MSR I have ever eaten in Bangkok. No really .. for real !

Boon Sap

Boonsap Thai Desserts
1478, Thanon Charoen Krung,
Bang Rak, Bangkok.
Opens from 7am until 5pm.

So If you want to know how to get to this two awesome places, take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and walk towards Robinson, this shop is situated about 100m away from Robinson.  Enjoy your food hunting


4 responses

  1. kruzmeister

    Mmm the mango sticky rice looks devine Isaac! – Simone 🙂


    12/04/2013 at 4:42 pm

    • Hey Simone ,

      Oh It is … One of the best I’ve eaten in Bangkok.. the glutinous rice was as fragrant as the coconut cream… divine divine .. oh not forgetting the sweet sweet mango.

      Thanks for dropping by again


      12/04/2013 at 5:14 pm

  2. I LOVE Thai food. That looks awesome! Great post brother.


    12/04/2013 at 5:24 pm

    • And so is mine… Thai food has so much flavors in one dish even if its a simple dish. High Five brudder !!


      13/04/2013 at 1:38 am

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