Volvo V40 Cross Country

Volvo Isaac976

If you think Volvo is your old hunk of steel with no taste in design and it’s dated?  You guys better sit up and take notice on what I am about to show you, just to start the ball rolling, do check out what new added technology and features Volvo already have in their car system. *Not your typical SATNAV system I would say*

Well, I was given a chance to drive away a Volvo V40 Cross Country for free last weekend,  if only I could break the course record for driving down a straight line on the road of Singapore without getting a speeding ticket ( AsIf only that could happen with all the traffic lights nearly 50ft away from each other in the Country we call, Singapore)

Nevertheless I was given the chance to test drive the all new Volvo V40 Cross Country (hope they didn’t find out about my expired driving license) at the Volvo Showroom

Volvo V40 Cross Country Isaac976

Check out the curves on this sleek steel of Volvo’s offering, Imagine I was so enthusiastic about the ride I brought my bike to see if it looks good on the Volvo when placed, and yup it sure fits the bill.

Driving down the road was a real pleasure and in-fact feeling the car in full throttle was like nothing I ever felt, this baby has more feel than the C180, Beemer 3 series, or even the Audi A4 I have driven.

Don’t believe me? go down to the showroom and test it yourself. One you step on the accelerator you will know what I mean by instant power, the car doesn’t vibrate when you power it down the road it just feel so right and smooth.

If you like you can see me testing the car and explaining some of its features or you can skip that and read on the rest of the blogpost

I was blown away by the new technology of safety they have implemented into the current Volvo, I have to say this is really a new level of safety in cars and I hope that all cars in the future if not present FOLLOW the leader.

City Safety is a standard fitted low-speed collision avoidance technology and a Volvo world-first. Designed for safer urban driving and now operating at speeds up to 50 km/h, this laser-based technology can sense standstill or slower moving vehicles in front. If City Safety senses an impending collision, the brakes are pre-charged to act faster on your response. And if you fail to brake, City Safety automatically applies the brakes and switches off the throttle to help mitigate the effects of a collision. And if the speed difference between your car and the vehicle in front is less than 15 km/h, City Safety can even help you avoid a collision.

City Safety is activated when you start the car. Robin asked me to drive closely to one of the cars in front and he told me to relax just ram it in. ( I was like ARE YOU CRAZY, I dont have the cash to pay you if I wreck this car) but evil me went on and accelerated the car and guess what happened? The dashboard blinked RED, like in knight rider warning Michael to stop the car. (I LOVE YOU City Safety)

Interior 1 Volvo V40

I have to say I am really a Volvo fan, cause for me Volvo was never about the looks but for it’s safety features.

Here is a Fun Fact, Did you know that Volvo pioneered or rather INVENTED  the three point seat belt and never patented it, because they wanted to share the safety of its ingenuity to rest of the world. KUDOS guys

I am totally sold when I saw the digital dashboard that comes standard (swooning all over), the new customizable Active TFT crystal display in the instrument cluster is amazingly impressive, The dash and interior of the new Volvo V40 are really nice and points out the “Design around you”-concept perfectly. It’s very easy to customize the instrument cluster to the color you want and it’s a very cool feature in my opinion. The 3 standard modes (or better said: themes) are: Elegance (brownish), Eco (blue/green) and Performance (red)

Volvo V40Volvo V40Volvo V40

Check me out getting in-tuned with the customizable dashboard , Now that’s what I call showing off the leopards spots.

Isaac’s 2 cents worth on Volvo V40 Crossroad

The Good

  1. Customizable digital dashboard
  2. Car feels sturdy even on top speed (ok dont tell the cops I went 210kmph)
  3. Volvo’s design is sure a thumbs up
  4. In build LED eye lid
  5. Lots of customization for the Volvo
  6. Cabin is so quiet (super plus point for me)
  7. Roof Rail comes standard
  8. Panaromic roof
  9. Reaction of the throttle response is very good
  10. All the Safety features of the car comes standard (except for the pedestrian air bag which comes optional)

The Bad

  1. Not a Real SUV
  2. The car would be compact size in my category.
  3. 4wd version but only an option in the T5
  4. Cost, Cost and Costly (but if you can afford it, TOTALLY WORTH every Penny)

So if you still think Volvo is for the older folks ?? check out how FIERCE a Volvo can get, Freaking Sweedes are making some serious cars here I approve, certainly wont be finding this one in the Ikea catalog!

Well anyway, don’t take my word for it, Do visit Volvo’s showroom at

Wearnes Automotive Pte. Ltd.
249 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159935

dealer map


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