Discount for Tri Factor (Registration)

I would like to share with you guys some good news. If you have went to the tri factor expo today for the swim pack collection with your friend and thought to your self that, Hey wouldn’t it be cool if I could register for the coming bike event of even all the remaining three events coming up?

Well it is still not too late, I’ve just gotten word and confirmed with the good people of Oakley to bring you additional 15% registration off on Tri Factor Event Registration. Thank you Good People of Oakley

Please login to TRI FACTOR REGISTRATION (clickable) and key in OAKLEY15 at the online registration

Well that’s not all Oakley Singapore also has this initiative where by they are raising funds for the Singapore Cancer Society.

Think about waking up healthy and well to a new day is something which many may take for granted. Not so for those who are fighting the killer disease, cancer. Which is why Actor/Host Randall Tan and his 5 friends want to make a difference by running. The Charity Athletes, Yellow Fellows, plans to run 11 races or more, to raise a target of $15,000 for Singapore Cancer Society. Support the cancer warriors by donating today! Spread the news and play a part in this great cause!

To make a donation, click lets support the Yellow Fellows

Have a Great Weekend Everyone !


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