Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon 2013

Osim triathlon was replace by a new sponsor Cold Storage if you guys were not following the Triathlon scene in Singapore, In this little red dot, we are not able to squeeze in a Half Ironman event but also a couple of triathlon. As the running scene begins to pick up, it seems that we have a running event almost every weekend of the month. but as demand grows so does the registration fees.I am not sure I am looking forward to any races till the end of the year, I am still down with injury but I can feel that its about 85% healed now, most of my buddies say not to do anything till it feels 100%. I remember limping on my 10k run on my previous Cold Storage and that was when my injury was fresh. Running 10k use to be a very fun thing to do, but now with an injury the 10k seems to be like a Marathon.

Well anyway I am not going dwell into that but to bring all you Triathletes good news. Not sure if some of you were anticipating this after they changed organizers but here it is..

Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon 2013 will be on the 28, 29 September 2013 and will take place in the usual East Coast Park.

No registration website has been announced yet but do keep a look out for more information in this spot.

Gotten this information below from the Triathlon Singapore website if you guys are interested,

2013 ITU Triathlon Asian Cup:

As part of the 2013 ITU Triathlon Asian Cup Series, the Singapore International Triathlon will see world class athletes from around the region competing in the Elite and Junior Elite Categories, not only to gain points for their ITU World ranking, but also to win total prize money of USD $10,000.

National Triathlon Championships:

Are you the best Tri-athlete at national level? Do you want to challenge yourself with the best in Singapore? Come and join us to compete in the National Triathlon Championships Category! You will compete with the best age-groupers in Singapore, either in the Junior Sprint Category (16 to 19 Years) or the Standard Category (18 years and above). Stand a chance to be listed as the best tri-athletes in Singapore!

Inter-club Challenge (Open for all Schools, Clubs, Corporate Companies, Statutory Boards, etc.):

Do you have a Triathlon Team in your organization? Do you want to create a Sporting Culture in your organization? Come and join in the Inter-clubs Challenge! Sign up as a team in the individual or relay categories, and share your passion for sports and healthy living with your fellow mates! Create team bonding and cohesiveness amongst your team, and at the same time, enjoy the fun and thrill of the event! Awards will be given to 5 organizations with the most number of participants. Also, stand a chance to be crown as the “Inter-club” Champion of Singapore!


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