Bicycle Safety Hand Signal

It is the last week of the 100th Anniversary of the Tour De France and today (Stage 17)  is one of my favorite stages which is the individual time trial.  As I have mentioned this month will be dedicated to the Tour De France.

For all cyclist we all need to know the basic hand signals when we ride as courtesy to other road users, unless you have invented a signaling mechanism on your bike we still use good old hand signal. So check out the hand signal that all cyclist should know.


Right/left turn: Arm straight out to the side you’re turning. (It’s more common than the old cycling manual bent arm.)

Slowing or stopping: Hand down low, palm side out. Hand on butt is also common.

Runner or car door on the side of the road:Tap side of your leg and point, or point to the side and swing arm behind back.

Shaking hand at waist: Pothole, roadkill, nails, rough surface, anything you want to avoid. Always yell “GLASS!”

Wave: A nice gesture to thank cars or pedestrians for letting you go.

Wave forward: To cars: It’s safe to pass. To other bikes: Go ahead, you’re riding faster than I am

*Special Situation Signals*

Middle finger: Only for when someone intentionally (1) threw something at you (2) almost ran you over. (Use with caution.)

*Special Situation Signals*

Hand out to side, wrist bent: What the *#&^ are you doing?!

*Special Situation Signals*

Simple point followed by thumbs-up: As if to say, “That girl is pretty” or “That’s a good restaurant.”

Thanks to Oliver Baker for his Illustrations. This was shared by Jené Shaw in


4 responses

  1. During the 4th of July weekend I found myself using the first *Special Situation Signal* a LOT! It seems as though a lot of drivers had been hitting the bottle and couldn’t drive a straight line if their lives depended on it.


    17/07/2013 at 11:26 am

  2. Uh oh….does that mean I have to release the death grip I have on my handlebars ?


    17/07/2013 at 9:06 pm

    • well only for special situation ! ..


      18/07/2013 at 12:19 pm

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