LeBron James is in DA HOUSE !

LeBron James, the basketball superstar, has joined WeChat with his own official account! for those who are Bball fans I think this is a must do, if you are not on WeChat you can download it from your google playstore or itunes and with that you can get connected with LeBron DA KING James.

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LeBron will be using WeChat to upload exclusive photos, videos and text messages every week, so basketball fans can stay tuned and see the latest updates from the superstar directly. Together with the 70 million WeChat registered users in international markets, LeBron can enjoy the innovative features to keep connected with friends and fans.

To follow LeBron, users simply need to scan the following QR code:


“Communication is as important off the court as it is on the court.  I’m not always around my friends and family with the tight schedule, so I need new ways to stay in touch with them. WeChat helps me do this,” said LeBron.

Profound words my man.. and I am a believer of communicating. Lets not be anti social, lets all mingle.



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