Tri Factor Triathlon 2013 Race Report

Tri-Factor triathlon is the last series on their competition which was held last Sunday on 18th August 2013, buddy Lawrence aka Laulang drove down south here to participate on his very first full Olympic distance and jittery even a little he was not. Color Run was also held on that weekend and I heard it was spectacular after my buddy Kah Wane participated in it, coming back with big gloats and color stained skin.

Anyway this is my race report for what I have to say was the hardest triathlon event that I have done, I would say that even my 70.3 event was easier than this and don’t go scratching your head but read on to understand why.

It was an early 4am and woke up to get ready, fixed myself a bowl of Oats with dried cranberry to fill my stomach for the long day ahead, I think I woke Lawrence up cause he was all groggy and still sleepy eyed (good for him). We then drove over to the race site at about 6am after picking up Eddy.  We parked and ride to race site cause of wanting to warm up our legs before the race, Race official and volunteers was already there, Totally salute them for their dedication to this sport (I have the up-most respect to the volunteers always

StartpointWe got our body marked even before the transition site open and I have to say THUMBS-UP organizers for being flexible in that, everything was organized and after body marking we were routed to the bike pen and volunteers was quick to point to where we were stationed.

Trifactor 2013 setup

Setup my T1 and T2 transition like I always do. but this year I am racing with a road bike instead of my tri-bike, it was always see familiar faces in the pen and talking to participants on the side.


Lap 2

Being the first wave to be flagged off, I surely feel the pressure knowing that I will surely be clobbered by the faster swimmers after the rest of the waves starts off, swim is not my strongest sports of the 3 and worst when I know I only trained one week before. “AIR HORN SIGNALS THE START” first 100m felt easy but this is whenmy nightmare begin, after the first buoy I felt the sea kinda swallowed me whole and turn me inside out spitted me out and swallowed me again. I am talking about the current (I never anticipated such a strong current before)

swimming from one buoy to the other seems like it takes forever, that’s where it hit me.. the current was pushing me back. One stroke forward and two stoke being pushed back.  ( I feared for my life honestly) I swam like a dog to gain composure. then after finishing my first lap, I didn’t rush to do my second like I always do.. took my breath looked at my watch and it was 22mins for 750m.

I have in my mind the thought of quitting as I know I am going to either kill myself on the swim or just drown in the swim. Told myself to HTFU and jumped in to do my 2nd lap. felt the current even stronger and the same thoughts goes over and over my head again, *QUIT OR DIE* by the time I got to the second buoy again. the red cappers has surpassed me, I know I am seriously behind my target of 40min. I kicked my head into commando mode and told myself I didnt came here all the way just to quit, I changed tactics and swam breast stroke under water and glide to the finish.

Came into T1 and I certainly took my time to transition, I totally lost all my leg power cause of all the kicks just to push me to the swim finish line. did short stretches and took in water and gel. I know I was one of the last to come in cause all the bike on my group was gone. That sure wont deter me from giving up.


After T1

Bike was a crazy fast 6.6km course. Lots of complain on this bike course because why on earth would you place a water station in the middle of the course with cups and NO ONE HANDING IT OUT? i mean its OK to hand out cups cause I would use it to splash over myself, but your guys was just sitting down chatting. (totally not cool) , having no ODO on my bike I relied on memory of the 6 laps I was doing, I wasn’t sure how fast or how slow I was going but I just give it my all until the last 500 meters where I crank my gear up to loosen my muscle, All I cared was just the run ahead to gain time. Bike and Run is my strongest leg anyway.


It is funny how after 2 weeks I found a cure to my Plantar fascistic and I crammed all my training into two weeks but it was all worth it.

Coming into T2, I packed my gel and drank more to hydrate myself. I had no HRM on me,  just my trusty Timex to tell me how long I have been going, and looking at my watch it was already 2hr 23mins gone. 😦 , The run was pretty much a standard 5km x 2 loop and I ran I stop I ran I stop , drink drank drunk and boom finish line.

When I was running in to the finish line there was this weird guy shouting at the volunteers, at one point he was cycling down with his kid down the runners lane (he is not one of the participants, just some leisure guy visiting East Coast) he was in a shouting match with the security personnel but not sure what it was about, hope things turn out fine for him.


The event organizers should buck up on their water stations, I heard from previous participants that “Last Year” they ran out of water, and so happened again this year, tsk tsk tsk, when I was running my last lap, I know cups was used up and they were asking racers to put back the used cups. My way to save the environment was, I squished the cap and place it on my race belt, when I reach the next station just before, I opened it up and asked them to pour it in.

Overall event was well organized, hope to join next year event if time permits.

My official timing came as such, It is my worst swim time by far and I have faced my fear now for now and overcome it. All I have to do is move forward and train for my swim. and swim alone.

Swim 1hr01min

Bike 1hr 24min ( I really dont know how many laps I gone to be honest)

Run 1hr 12min

Total time: 3hrs 37min not impressive and not proud of it, but I have no excuse as my training only started 2 weeks before and I have myself only to blame. Once I get my PF sorted out I can really go all out, but as of now I am still training but at only 40% capacity.

If you want to know your results please click here : Tri Factor Full Results

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  1. kirisyko

    Reblogged this on Sykose Extreme Sports News.


    21/08/2013 at 7:42 pm

  2. Congrats! Are you taking part in the Cold Storage too?


    22/08/2013 at 11:12 am

    • Hi Rina, yup I was invited to the CSIT, This time I will be doing only Sprint Distance as non of my friends are doing the Full, and also I have to leave after the race to Malaysia for another bike race on Sunday. Do say hi to me if you are doing the race as well.



      22/08/2013 at 11:17 am

      • Yes, I’ll be at Cold Storage too, but mine is mini distance (probably with all the children who will be faster than me!). Wanted to ask you about triathlons… what do you wear to them? I was thinking of wearing my rash guard but I may be very hot when I get to the running section.


        22/08/2013 at 11:27 am

      • Wear what is comfortable to you, Do not wear any clothing that is new or that is too tight, but not any clothes that is too tight.

        I will tweet you up and we can further discuss on this.


        22/08/2013 at 11:28 am

  3. Hey Issac Bro, Envious you guys who can do Triathlon. I’ll drown.
    It’s so cool to see your follow in my blog. Thanks alot man. 😀


    27/08/2013 at 5:07 pm

    • Dont say that so soon Ben,

      You never know what will your next interest be, remember all of us were learning things from start. just put your mind to it and you will be able to do it.

      Thank for the comment. Appreciate it


      27/08/2013 at 5:14 pm

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