Cyclist passes 589 cars on way to work

Updated 3 Sept 2013:

This is my bike vs my car to work on any other day Do make a wild guess  which one arrives faster and earlier against morning rush hour?

Bike vs car


I have been cycling to work since about 2 months back now, and when I was reading on blog post this was worth a repost. I have to say that swaying around in traffic is not a easy thing nor its for the fainted heart, this require skills and great flexibility. I will do a post and a video clip (if I manage to get someone to borrow me a GoPro)

Lets just say that Cycling to work Pro’s outweigh the Con’s

  1. Healthier
  2. Faster
  3. Feels Great
  4. Laugh at Traffic when you wheeze past their expensive cars

Anyway please read ..

In bumper to bumper traffic, bicycles are often the only vehicles moving.

“War on our roads. Cars versus cyclists, the new front line on Australian roads. Depending on which side you’re on …”

So began a report on last week’s Sunday Night program on Channel 7. Fuelled by confronting footage of cars colliding with cyclists, the promos had preceded the shows for days.

Good news cycling stories are everywhere – and they’ll often catch you by surprise.

And just to get the pulses racing, there was a clip of radio announcer Derryn Hinch encapsulating his view of cyclists: “Cockroaches on wheels.”

To read more click on ——–> Cyclist passes 589 cars on way to work.


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