Yellow Ribbon Prison 2013 Run Race Results and Review

Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2013 happened last Sunday, and it was a quite a memorable one for me, It was made even special when today’s result was announced.,but before any of the grand father stories that I will tell you, do follow me on my journey on my experience from last Sunday.

The race course, the atmosphere, the organizers, the transportation, the goodie bags, yes there was alot of items in the goodie bags and they were AWESOME will tell you about it later .. as for now do read on..


If you have done this event before you know that the route has not been changed for the 10k and 6k run since day one. I don’t mean it as a bad thing but more of a good thing cause you will know when to hit the hills and when to take a breather and cruise on the run, I am not sure if the organizers of the event have change but the event sure has lots of improvement over the years. This year is the 10th Anniversary  Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and they had a Fancy Dress contest, I thought Halloween came early when I arrived at race site,  there was SUPERMAN, BATMAN, POWER RANGER, WOLVERINE and even IRONMAN.. no kidding check this out

If I have to say, the baggage deposit was awesome, they have this systematic system where by they have eight individual station and you just have to queue at any of them to get your bags deposited, you will be allocated a personal color band where you get to collect at the end. Thumbs up guys,.

1236928_10151524857181116_179203445_n With this system there was absolutely no queue, well most you wait will be like 5 mins or so, then your bags will be whisked to prison.

The venue for starting point has always been in  Changi Village, plenty of car park and that also means a good breakfast before the run with the many variety of food centers around, My only grime is that, why is the end point always away from the start point, (totally understandable) but the organizers have really improved over time again and learned their lesson, they have 50 shuttle bus to pick up all the runners back after the event. (but even so there was a long queue forming up)

The 10k runners were flagged off and I can sure say that there are more and more runners every year participating in the Yellow Ribbon Run,  I am in the 6k category cause of my long term injury that is still causing me pain. So a 6k fun run would just do the trick for my desire to run.


Here are all the 6k runners awaiting in anticipation cause of the dark clouds looming over our heads, knowing that my I can’t really run that fast, I brought along my phone to entertain myself which was strapped on my arm with no water proof protection, I was like thinking SHIT! hope the rain don’t come pouring as this phone is gonna drown My plan was to go out for a slow easy run but I think I better unleash hell for the sake of my phone.

Exactly 8:15am, Right on time the horns blared and BOOM the rest is history., and History it was

I PB on my 6k this year with a 29min run, last year I did a 32min on the same course…….. at least this cheered me up a little and it will be my consolation for forfeiting my TMBT ULTRA marathon

To get your own results do visit YELLOW RIBBON RACE RESULTS HERE just key in your name or bib number and select your category.

Isaac Loo Yellow Ribbon Run 2013

Yup, this sucker with the injured feet with minimal or no training placed 3rd, How many times have you talk to a stranger in a running event? I would and most likely would turn to friends, On starting line there was this lady standing in the front of the pack, She was a strong runner and she ran just 5 meters in front of me all the while till Km4, that’s where I picked up my pace and passed her, surprisingly she snuck up beside me and we ended up running together,  when KM5 arrived I told her to “lets put the hammer down” but she replied you go ahead, so I decided to just pace Miss Pig Tail instead since its a fun run,  it was our last 1km  on the course anyway and guess whats her position

Wendy Lee Yellow Ribbon 2013

Ms Pig Tail is 1st in her category, she thanked me for pacing her and we went on our ways, but not before I had a quick glance at her race bib,  OK I am not a meanie to be calling her pig tail Wendy, This is how she looks like below,

Pig Tail Wendy

Overall the running event is successful and have gain much popularity over the years, things have changed and improvement have been done this is surely one event I would not want to miss. , Oh yeah whats a running event without bumping into a couple of friends

Oh if you guys were wondering about the Goodie Bag still after reading so far, here are the goodies bag, yes NOT ONE BUT TWO !

I am gonna go get some running gear with my $50 running lab voucher, I love the water proof bag and as long as I can remember, Yellow Ribbon Prison Run Medals are always gorgeous, Thumbs up guys.. you have out done yourself can’t wait for next year.


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