Mizuno Mount Faber Run Race Review 2013

Great race weekend again, yesterday was Mizuno Mount Faber and all I can say that it was a hard race, I am not sure what these guys are eating and everyone is such on a incredible fast pace,arrived an hour with Smith and Daphne as we thought it will be packed with people, we kinda lost our way to the race site but all is good.

We had sometime to take selfie as we are the invited runners by World Of Sports under bloggers engagement and I would like to Thank World Of Sport and VGO corporation for inviting us all and providing us with all awesome Mizuno gear. (really appreciate that) Check me out driving the Mizuno Prima Cantabile, am pretty sure that shoe flies if you put it on.

isaac976isaac976 mizuno run(Top left to right: Michelle, Me, Jac, Carrie, Cheryl, Rachel, Squatting: Smith and Daphne)

So if you did enter the Mizuno Guess the blogger challenge, you will definitely be in for a surprise to know in what order we all came in? see the results here World Of Sports Blogger Results

I will keep this race report really short and in point form as RunFairyRun taught me too.

  1. Race flagged off on time, and weather was perfect with slight humidity
  2. Race route was the notorious Mount Faber with the 2nd turning facing a slight slopes
  3. Race route had people cramping to get in front with people even slamming into the bus stop
  4. In this route there is 3 water point which I think is sufficient (volunteers were all wonderful)
  5. Reaching Mount Faber turn from Henderson, this is where the race separate the mens from the boys. Its funny cause I hear this young boy cursing the route to his friend (er.. hallo? why did you sign up if you think that Mt Faber is a little hill?)
  6. Running into 5km and looking at my watch it was 23mins, right on time, but I felt really slow cause I am not sure what all the racers ate this morning? I was being over taken like I was sitting down. I am not kidding these runners are brutal and I thought I was doing a 6min pace, but in fact it was 5min/km running the hills.
  7. Mount Faber killed my speed to a slow 7min (my bad I as I did not train for my hills)
  8. What goes up must come down.. speed up and open up my stride to gain what I lost.
  9. Reaching the home stretch we have to run through a few traffic light, looking at my watch on the 3rd water station I know we have another 3 km, and its 44min. I was praying oh yes.,, at last a sub50 10k.. kept running like a mad man and BOOM (traffic light stop) x 2 , yup not once but two stops. waited for the traffic police to give the green light to go, (can’t blame them but have to thank them for watching over our safety. Thank you guys)
  10. The last stretch I dig in deep and gave all I got, didn’t manage to get the time I want but still its good, 54min (watch time) For your Mizuno Results check out their official website here ——> Mizuno Mount Faber Results 2013

Anyway it was a great weekend again of racing and spending time with loved one. It was beautiful, wish every weekend will be like this. “GOD IS GREAT”


Press Release


Singapore, 14 October 2013 – Victory is sweet for the Open and Veteran category champions at the Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run 2013. Lin Gen Foo, 30, dominated the Men’s Open with an impressive time of 34:50:21, while Mok Ying Rong, 20, took the Women’s crown in 41:27:25.

Veteran champions; Tony Seakins, 60 and Vivian Tang, 43 proved that age is just a number by completing the race with a respectable 39:17:77 and 39:45:59 respectively.

The race is organised by Tanjong Pagar GRC, Radin Mas SMC, and is proudly sponsored by World of Sports and Mizuno. Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Social and Family Development, and adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots, Ms Indranee Thurai Rajah, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education, and adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots and Dr Lily Neo, Adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots Organisations were in attendance to flag off the race.

The road to the finish line was not always smooth as competitors had the arduous task of conquering the Mount Faber Hill. Though tough, runners at the Special Olympics proved that intellectual disability is no hindrance as they completed the 10km race just like every other participants.

“Our runners had an amazing time at this year’s Mizuno PAssion Mount Faber Run. I think they proved to themselves and the public that with regular training and a never-give-up attitude, there is absolutely nothing they cannot achieve.” Said Yeo Jia Chyang, Running Coach, Special Olympics

“We believe that training should be accessible to every athlete including those who are intellectually challenged.That is why the commitment of the Special Olympics team is inspiring; we are proud to be able to provide a platform for them to showcase sporting prowess and to raise awareness for their cause.” Said Ms Cindy Chui, Senior Marketing Manager, World of Sports.

Champions from both categories walked away with prizes worth more than $800 including a $500 product voucher, Soleus watches, Kor One Bottles, Yurbuds earphone, Thorlos 84N and a one year subscription of RUN magazine.


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