MetaSprint Triathlon Series 2014 (Registration)

The New Moon Khcycle MetaSprint Series 2014 is off to a racing start

The inaugural New Moon Khcycle MetaSprint Series Singapore campaign has just been launched by local event specialists MetaSport. Since inception 6 years ago the Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon has grown to become a Singapore favourite with over 6,000 participants in 2013 and an expected 6,500 next year.
Whether a professional athlete or just testing the waters of multi‐sport, this series has an event suitable for everyone from 8‐99 years of age; male or female. There’s even kids and discovery categories for the real newbies.

Still not a contender? MetaSport also provides training clinics and coaching services for everyone from beginners all the way to the pro’s who want a little more special attention and guidance.

Managing Director Nathalie Marquet explains she “believes the series is going from strength to strength because we work hard with the local community, authorities and businesses to respond to the demands of the modern Singaporean interested in sport and a healthy lifestyle.”

“We strive to make this event fun and obtainable to everyone who participates, however, we always ensure that we run the event with the utmost professionalism. Safety, security and a seamless experience, are the most important factors to consider.” said Ms Marquet.

Clearly sponsors New Moon and KH Cycle support the MetaSport philosophy, coming on again as title sponsors.

Wayne Goh from New Moon explains “The MetaSprint Series epitomises how we run our own businesses ‐ with a commitment to excellence and the local Singaporean community. This event encourages a healthy way of life and an open and collaborative spirit; we are very proud to be in support of these values.”

The Triathlon is preceded by an Aquathlon and Duathlon earlier in the year – all three part of the same series. The format is designed to convert recreational runners, cyclists or general exercisers to multi‐sport in an unintimidating manner; as well as offering them a fresh challenge. The race schedule – spreading across February, March and April – allows beginners to build up their fitness and confidence levels progressively over a four‐month period until they feel ready to complete the final sprint Triathlon.

The series made its debut in 2008 as a first of its kind race event. MetaSprint has since continued to gain traction from a growing enthusiasm in Triathlon and endurance sports within Singapore. Its format has been unique in attracting both first‐timers and Singapore’s best triathletes, who use it as an opportunity to hone their skills for longer races later in the season.

Those raring enough to take part in all three races will accumulate points after each leg, which will be used to determine the respective series’ champion of each age group.
Triathlon Distances

Save up to a further 20% before
Early Bird closes on 12 November 2013

Sunday 16 February 2014
Sunday 16 March 2014
Sunday 13 April 2014
Early Bird Normal Extended Early Bird Normal Extended Early Bird Normal Extended
Sprint $70 $81 $91 $70 $81 $91 $98 $108 $120
Sprint Relay $112 $122 $132 $112 $122 $132 $194 $214 $225
Discovery $40 $50 $61 $40 $50 $61 $50 $60 $71
Youth $40 $50 $61 $40 $50 $61 $50 $60 $71
Kids $28 $38 $48 $28 $38 $48 $35 $45 $55
Kids Relay $45 $55 $65 $45 $55 $65 $65 $75 $85
Early Bird 3in1, Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon: 11 Oct 2013 – 12 Nov 2014
Normal Aquathlon, 3in1: 13 Nov 2013 – 22 Jan 2014 Normal Duathlon: 13 Nov 2013 – 19 Feb 2014 Normal Triathlon: 13 Nov 2013 – 13 Mar 2014
 Extended Aquathlon, 3in1: 23 Jan 2014 – 4 Feb 2014 Extended Duathlon: 20 Feb 2014 – 4 Mar 2014 Extended Triathlon: 14 Mar 2014 – 1 Apr 2014
Enter All 3 Races
SAVE up to 20%!
Early Bird Normal Extended
$198 $220 $251
$339 $369 $409
$109 $129 $149
$109 $129 $149
$76 $103 $121
$129 $157 $176

To find out more about the New Moon Khcycle MetaSprint Series, please visit

To Register yourself please click here REGISTER ME


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