Seriously how cool this Nike on the 3rd of November is gonna be, Thousand of runners will be running their own chosen path for their 10k, too bad I can’t make it for that event but I will be riding up what in Malaysia cyclist calls it the Dragon back. Alright, I am pretty envious of all those running on this coming 3rd cause there are going to be plenty of pretty people but really the best part would be running your own route.  (Click on the Map to see the bigger picture)

Isaac’s tips on running Nike: Run the path that catches your “EYE” ahem if you get what I mean. and more importantly as I always say “Finish Strong”


Participants of We Run SG 2013 will get to experience a run like never before


Singapore, 24 October 2013 – For the first time in Nike Singapore’s race history, runners will be empowered with the freedom to choose and define their own running experience. Inspired by runners, this year’s We Run Singapore race route will offer some of the most desired experiences that have been suggested by participants.

The race will flag off from the F1 Pit Building, and feature a unique 10km route with various split points enabling runners to choose from a myriad of experiences on 3 November 2013. Participants will get the freedom to exercise their choice at three points of the race – 3.2km, 6.5km and 8.5km. [Refer to Map attached.]

Runners will find along the routes, different terrains, conditions, environments and atmosphere. Runners may make an adventurous choice to Go Off The Beaten Path or choose to Follow The Pack. At the 6.5km mark of the route, runners will then get to opt for the environment they would like to run in, so they can Rule The City or Own The Park. To finish the race their way, runners will then have the freedom to select their preferred tunes for the final stretch. Regardless of the choices made, participants will get to run the race that is truly theirs.

Alvin Soo, Country Marketing Manager, Nike Singapore, said, “We are confronted with rules and regulations everyday but runners at Nike We Run SG will have the freedom to make their own choices on race day. They will have a choice not to follow the pack. Instead, they will be designing their race and be rewarded with a race experience they can call their own.”

Interested runners may register online at


2 responses

  1. Sounds like organized chaos! Still sounds like fun.


    24/10/2013 at 9:39 pm

    • Nike WERun are always more of a fun run, cause they have all the prettiest girls and guys wanting to be seen in this run, that’s why it sells out fast. Too bad I am gonna miss this years one even when I have been invited for the run..


      24/10/2013 at 9:42 pm

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