Adventur to Broga Hill Malaysia Review

Last weekend was wonderful as I get to hangout with my friends from school, seeing how we all have grown up, most married, but still a handful remain single. So if you have any cute friends to introduce do let me know, anyway I was on a back to back Run and Bike training getting my legs prep for upcoming Salomon X trail run. My itinerary kinda went like Saturday Broga, Sunday Genting Sempah (no Dragon Back due to rain)

My weapon of choice for Broga trail was my trusty Salomon Speedcross 3 and my Oakley 30ml hand bottle for hydration.


I was up 5AM got ready and waited for the whole gang to come over to my place , The drive to Broga was a distance from where we live, it was about an hour with no traffic, the sun was just about to come up. In Broga if you were up at the peak you would be able to catch a glimpse of the Sunrise and I think it would definitely be a breath-taking view. (Think Titanic Pose)

And away we go, when we reached the place which is just about 200 meters away from it, I did not manage to capture the parking lot, in fact there is no parking lot, there were just cars and cars parking on the side of the road all the way filling up the oil palm plantation (Think of shopping mall car park on a weekend)


I thought Broga was just a small little peak with no one on the weekend, but how wrong I was, This place is so commercialized that even BROGA t-shirts are on sale for RM13. You can find hiking pole, bags dragon fruit, I think if you look hard enough you might even find a Mountain Bike for sale.

isaac97620131102_072328Introducing the Gang, Henry I am sorry you were cut out from the pic, Stephen bending down which I dont know why, maybe he was stretching out his er.. quads? Jason in the back, Lawrence  looking ready for this run and Kah Wane ready as ever.

Broga seems steep as you can see in the picture below, you can see the lady holding the tree trunk.


Weekend as mentioned by the guys is that it will always be packed and guess what .. it is really filled with people. You will see people of all sorts wearing minimal shoes which not what you think it is, they are actually flip-flops, futsal shoes and regular walking shoes

isaac97620131102_073745See what I mean when I said this place was being crowded like a shopping mall, what I would recommend is that you pack a backpack with a couple of finger food and drinks to Broga and walk up. when you have ascent the first peak, just chill there as you can see the pictures I have attached, Broga has three peaks where the climb seems decent, the second peak a little harder but once you have reached to the second peak.. I suggest you just take in the scenery and enjoy.

I did not run up to the third peak as its just about 200m away from the 2nd one and it was filled with people trying to climb up.

a breathtaking view of the horizon, this was about 9am

isaac97620131102_081115_1 isaac97620131102_081819Henry, congrats that you made it up this far, no worries if anyone made fun of you, but what matter is that you made it and after 4 years you should feel the difference of fitness level. That picture of all us on that was priceless, cause getting Henry to walk 3km is like getting a Dog to Meow

Ok, here I am looking all shocked out of my wits and guess what I saw ??!!

isaac97620131102_083046I was shocked when I saw….

isaac97620131102_083523(0) isaac97620131102_083523 isaac97620131102_084808Yup, kids no more than 8 yo climbing Broga, so if you think you can’t then think again ! If this little girl can do it why not you , in fact it was not only her, I see people of all age , size and fitness level, couples holding each other


Me and Kah Wane went up again Broga, people on the trails must really hate us cause we are running up and kinda bumping into them. Sorry guys if you saw us training on that day. We certainly did not mean to cut you guys or make you guys stop for us.

The guys taking a break waiting for my return, they did single lap, but I am totally happy that they manage to peak with all those people slowing them down.

isaac97620131102_101730After a good run, we wanted to refuel ourself before our journey back, We drove and drove till we ended up in Kajang looking for what they are famous for… SATAY (skewered meat).. OK I know it’s pretty crazy eating satay in the morning which I dont think people will do so.. but I was so Wrong.. we ended up at Stay Malaysia and people in this small town seems to take their time in doing their stuff, must be the laid back mentality which was good.


One last thing before I finish off this blog post would be to all Please save the trail, couple of stuff I saw along were Pringle cans, rubbish all littered all over, cigarette buds all over. The least you can do is keep your trash in your pockets or bags till you see a bin or something. Keeping trails clean will help make your trail experience a better one. Hope everyone can do their part in this.



My 2 cents worth on Broga Hill

Well, in short about my thought on Broga hill, it would have to be that the Trail seems pretty decent if there was less people , the elevation could be pretty steep for some but if you are a season runner or hiker, I believe Broga would be a good place for you. The descending from the peak was totally fun cause I was just speeding down the trail zig zagging my path out , Remembering my watch I ran up the 2nd peak in about 15mins, please be careful if you are a fast descender cause there will be tons of people. I definitely recommend this place for a family hike take your time and enjoy the fresh air of what Broga has to offer.

The Good

  1. This place rocks for a good workout, really short and intense
  2. Beautiful scenery
  3. Surprisingly cooling weather up till 10am
  4. Toilet amenities that comes with shower facilities
  5. Stalls that have food and drinks on the ground

The Bad

  1. The descent could be steep for some. (Stephen fell from a 3 ft drop)
  2. Beautiful scenery but was blocked with many people trying to catch a breath
  3. The sun will start burning you at about 11am.
  4. Toilet charges RM1 (which is decent) but could have been free
  5. Parking will be a problem on the weekend after 7am

5 responses

  1. ckwane

    Sweet! really fun, we should do this often! 🙂


    08/11/2013 at 2:41 pm

    • yeah tell me about it .. totally fun .. we will better our speed nexxt time round


      08/11/2013 at 5:38 pm

  2. Beautiful Isaac….would love to do that!


    08/11/2013 at 8:37 pm

  3. Thats one Crowded peak!


    12/11/2013 at 4:38 pm

    • it is, but It’s one peak I will keep going back to if I stay in Malaysia.


      12/11/2013 at 8:55 pm

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