Running in the Rain

It was just a typical day where I set off from work heading back home on my bike,  cycling from work to office takes a good 30mins then I thought why not I run back from work, so this time I decided to push my run training earlier  to warm my legs up for all the upcoming runs, so I figured out a 15k run back home should not be too bad. I paced myself at about 6min/km which is very comfortable slow run.

I have four three choice to get to work, Cycle , Run or Bus (Driving is not an option as parking here will cost $14 a day, with the money saved I could easily buy another bike soon enough. So anyway I weighed the pro’s and con’s of cycling to work. I help reduce carbon emission, ease congestion and I get to stay healthy.   So I made a plan to bike to work, then run back, next day I take the bus then I bike back, and cycle repeats, So in that way I get to maximize my training.

Anyway last Thursday was a freak storm, I never meant to run in the rain, What I did not anticipate was the crazy weather Singapore is having at the current moment and I don’t blame Super Typhoon Haiyan.  Rain is not an excuse for not training, but thunder storm? I think better stay clear.

So here are some tips I think if you were to get caught in the rain or planning to run back from work.

What I usually packed for my run back and what you can pack if you want to do the same

  1. Back Pack (ensure this is waterproof, if not have a rain cover) I will explain later
  2. Bring a Cap / Visor ( to block the rain/sun away from your eyes)
  3. Pack a shade with Bright lens hue, I use my Oakley Radar with Yellow Lens (if your shades have interchangeable lens it would be better) I bring two lens with me all times, One Clear and One Polarized.
  4. Do Pack a fitting rain coat for more aerodynamics (in-case it rains, this will help keep your body warm)
  5. Do Pack dri-fit clothes for maximum comfort.
  6. and lastly and most importantly pack a comfortable shoes
  7. I made a mistake by not packing my blinkers, a RED clip on would be good
  8. Remember to nibble on some carbs before you set off home

I was into 2km of my run and the sky turned dark pretty fast and with thunder blasting every couple of minutes apart, I think I just ran into a CAT 1  (Do not do this, if  a storm is brewing) I suggest find a shelter and wait till the rain dies down

So what happened on my rainy run back home… I got splashed by cars, I ran through puddle of water, wind was blowing against me, ran past all the cars that was caught in traffic and people giving me loony looks thinking I must be mental to run in this storm,

I should have wore a jacket to keep myself warm but I reached home in the end. The cold can make one hungry pretty fast.


Remember the backpack which I mentioned that I will explain, well this was a clear mistake on my side, the Mizuno backpack that held my work shoe and my work clothes weigh no more than 3kg when I first started (Packing Minimal will help ease the load on your shoulder). The bag felt extremely comfortable till the rain soaked it. when it is soaked, I can assure you that it felt like I was training with weights on my shoulders.  Stupid Me for not getting a rain cover..

20131113_195309(Culprit: Weighing like a Sack of Potato)

And presenting super soaked me at my door step.

So my  summary, if you plan to run back from home would be

  1. Check weather forecast (I use
  2. Remember to pack minimal (if you need to bring any items back home)
  3. Remember to bring your ID
  4. Remember to Hydrate and eat some carbs 2hours before your run.
  5. Bring some cash in case of emergency.
  6. Turn on EndoMondo to track your movement (for safety purpose so your friends will know where you are in real time)

But do remember that whenever you go and whenever you run, Safety always comes first, because motorists often have limited visibility during wet, rainy weather, it is important to make sure you are easily seen. Wear reflective tape and/or something bright, to increase the chances of motorists seeing you while you’re running. Run on the proper side of the road and pay close attention to your surroundings ( I nearly twisted my ankle by stepping into a deep puddle) Try to avoid stepping on puddle of water as you will not know how deep it goes.

Stay safe and keep running guys


4 responses

  1. Well, I like walking in rain. 🙂


    15/11/2013 at 3:22 pm

    • Me too, now there is plenty of rain for us to do so.. I can’t wait for this weekend Trail run.. its going to be muddy !!


      15/11/2013 at 3:58 pm

  2. Love this! Maybe wearing reflective gear helps too!


    16/11/2013 at 6:42 pm

    • Yes, always a good idea to have those reflective strips.
      Thanks for sharing


      17/11/2013 at 10:56 am

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