Salomon X-Trail Run – The Run That Nearly killed Me

Update: Salomon Results are out click here for your results

Salomon X-trail Singapore flagged off at Tampines Mountain Bike Park & Trail this morning with a 1800 strong participants, the 10k runners were flagged off at 7:35am and the 5k at 7:50am,as there was a delay and people was just anxiously waiting at the start line for the flag off, What seems like any regular race day but in-fact its not.. read on

isaac976 Salomon X trail 2013 (5)10km of funky trails moving up and down, crossing mud path, gravel and streams (er… I think it was a ditch) done in 54min (not the best time)

isaac976 Salomon X trail 2013 (4)This year medal given to the participant felt like a itty bitty compact one for easy portability, this can’t be compared to the Malaysia Salomon X-trails medal but to me medal is just a memory and nothing more than that, what more important to me now when I race  is the “JOURNEY” to the finish line.  All race event will need time, our dedication, our patience and our sweat and sometimes even blood whilst training our every muscle to head to the start line and to finish strong.

isaac976 Salomon X trail 2013 (1)This morning weapon of choice was my Salomon Speed Cross3 due to the muddy condition, Skin A400 compression (due to my shin split acting up) and not forgetting my Thorlo socks, you truly are one amazing product.

As my  race seems like any regular race day but in-fact its not.. and here is where the problem starts. I have been down with a throat infection since last Thursday, but that does not stop me from training for my events.

I’ve change my training regime to adapt my body to my throat infection by doing LSD run and drills so that I don aggravate my infection. A day before race day I went out to test out race pace on a 5k route (I can’t hardly breath with the infection and I have cold sweat going on) I only managed 2k, this got me worried wondering how will I finish my 10k in good time, been coughing the whole time and I can’t even sleep

Woke up at 2am and even tweeted the below, as I can’t hardly breathe while sleeping and with every cough my throat close up like two fist pounding on each other. Race starts in another 6 hours.

isaac976 twitter

I bought the strongest lozenges I could find and Difflam needs prescription by the pharmacies to soothe my infection and after looking at the package carefully, I’ve found out that I have been eating POISON all this while

isaac976 Salomon X trail 2013 (3)

I was unsure if I wanted to run or just stay at home and sulk on my infection then I man it up and went for the run, as I mention it was not my best run. into KM4 I could feel that cold sweat was dripping and my heart pound as if its jumping out of my body, KM6 to KM7  I was suffering from dead weight legs I feel that my legs was just ran a marathon. I even stopped to walk and to take time to breathe cause coughing and running all the while was just not comfortable.  I dig deep and just finished the race, So would I do Salomon X-trail again?  FOR SURE I WILL. the race is a no frill , get muddy and have fun with friends kinda race, so why not.

Isaac’s tips on running this event:

  1. Head over early on race day and try to stand in the front (so you wont get stuck in the mud)
  2. Watch your step and do not over stride cause Bike Trails has plenty of sharp broken rocks
  3. Hydrate yourself, better yet, bring your own hydration cause the water station could have been better equipped (I recommend Fuel Belt Revenge R20) One filled with water and the other with some electrolyte
  4. Kudos to the organizers for taking away the dreaded waist deep route but the deep ditch was still there, stick to running in the center as I twisted my leg again cause trying to overtake some people (Mistake)
  5. After the race, do enjoy the Bananas and plenty of hydration after. Take Peekcha and post it up.
  6. Remember to wash up, walk to the exit point and look to your right, there is 3 taps that you can use to wash yourself up and …
  7. Train hard so you can finish the race like the winner did in a blazing 35MIN (that’s INSANE)

Warning: Do not try to do what I did this morning, I really think that I should not have ran that event, cause I really felt like fainting at one point, that when I felt my head was spinning and my mouth opening up sucking in air (think vacuum cleaner) So I think I was stupid to have done so but I did listen to my body and I since it was only a short 10k run, I thought I could sweat it out (it didn’t work and I am still coughing and swallowing seems like a chore.



isaac976 Salomon X trail 2013 (2)Singapore, 17 November 2013 – More than 1,800 trail enthusiasts satisfied their primal need for movement through nature at the annual Salomon X-Trail Run 2013. The sixth edition of race injected shots after shots of adrenaline; away from smoke, fumes and concrete pavement at the Tampines Mountain Bike Park & Trail.

The highly anticipated trail racing event of the year took seasoned trail seekers on a mud thumping 10km course; while trail novices sped through a less challenging 5km course, designed to immerse them into the world of trail running. Five runners from each category; the men’s open, women’s open, men’s veteran and women’s veteran were honored for their outstanding stamina and grit at the end of the race.

Winners List


Men’s Open                           Name                                      Time

Winner                                                Tilak Migar                               35:59:00

Women’s Open

Winner                                                Vanja Cnops                           39:51:26

Men’s Veteran

Winner                                                Tony Seakins                          39:34:19

Women’s Veteran

Winner                                                Sem Hui Leng                         49:48:23


8 responses

  1. You did well to complete the race in such a quick time even though you were ill! Rest well!


    17/11/2013 at 7:23 pm

    • Thanks Paleorina, but it was really foolish thinking back what I have done, I really dont recommend. Cold sweat and HR beating like crazy ?

      hhmm… life or death over a run? totally not worth it

      anyway too bad we didnt get to meet at the run venue, till the next run.


      17/11/2013 at 7:43 pm

      • When is your next run Isaac?


        18/11/2013 at 5:27 pm

      • Would you believe it? illumi Run in December 🙂 thats more of a party and get to know people kinda run 🙂

        What about you ?


        18/11/2013 at 5:54 pm

  2. Steady. Congratulations in your timing. It’s a major feat given your throat infection!


    18/11/2013 at 2:03 am

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