Running is Life, Life is Running.

Do you want to know how actually LIFE is like running ? or can I say that Running is Life, read on to find out how I see they are both closely related to each other.

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone that has been reading my Thoughts and Rambles on my blog and I hope you have enjoyed it.

” I TRULY APPRECIATE your support and I thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart

The year has come to another end and as the year closes, I always take time to reflect what I have achieve and accomplish  throughout the year, being it Good we give thanks,  Bad we learn from the lesson and move on, never regret in life in what you have chosen cause you will never know what is the outcome if you have never taken that path.

for 2013 I have not written down a resolution for myself as I have always done in the past, not sure why but somehow I just wanted 2013 to be different.

As you are reading this, I have already landed in Korea to celebrate my birthday with my loved one and as much as I would like to say this picture I am sharing with you guys is definitely true when you grow older, you will say yeah right but I say its the truth.


Speaking of growing older, I went out to run what I call my “Birthday Run”  a few days earlier, I was suppose to run this on the exact day but since the exact day is the day I arrive in Kimchi land, I decided to run this 3 days earlier. This “Birthday Run” started with Eddy when I asked him, so what are you going to do on your Birthday, he said to me he is going to run one km for every year he was born. LOL.

So it grew onto me and which I will start doing it from now on, the stats from Endomondo below captures only 3okm, but Its actually more as I am not gonna say how old I am, started the Long Steady Distance (LSD) at 6pm and got home at 10pm,

With such a long run this is how I reflect myself on life as I run

isaac976 EndomondoIsaac976 Endomondo

Planned out the route thinking that it will be around 40k but I was short on my calculation, went from Punggol – Old Tampines – Pasir Ris – Lower Seletar – Upper Seletar – Jln Kayu – Sengkang and back.

Life is Running, Running is Life

Embarking on this run got me thinking, Life is pretty much like running, let me explain how running relates to life. The one in Blue is my Running Journey and the one in Red is how I relate life to Running.

1. Started my run slowly for the first 5km (just like how we are born to this world, taking a stride at a time not knowing the path in front of us, we learn, we see and we appreciate)

2. Then as I warm up 5km into the run I move faster with bigger strides. (as we grow older we learn more and we want to strive better in life moving in a faster pace, we hunger for success)

3. Running on the path I find a coins lying on the street, saw friendly faces from construction workers along the street, cars honking warning me of danger when I run too close to the side of the road, near misses from speeding heavy vehicles, pot hole and uneven running surface (finding the coin is like us having stokes of luck in our life. friendly faces is when you meet new friends along the way in life. Car honking is how I see people warning you of danger or even enemies trying to sabotage you, pot holes are like stumbling block in life we anticipate and we avoid)

4. The weather turned from evening sunset to night fall in my long runs with no headlamp and only my phone with me, feels all lonely and scary ( Just like in our daily lives, there will never be a day that it is all in brightness sometimes we will fall into darkness, in our life we will feel lost and alone but there will always be light again, so dont worry if you are lost, do seek help and you will be surprise that there are many whom is just a phone call away)

5.  As I run into my 20km, I realize that my water bottle that I have brought was leaking and stupid me bringing only 30ml of hydration, can you believe it only 30ml and its leaking, giving me only roughly 10 – 15ml of water for my whole journey (No matter how much you prepare, things are bound to go wrong but its better than never preparing.Mom and Dad always say, study harder, study wiser you will not regret in the future..that is all in your preparation in life)

6. 21km into the run, my legs feel like it was made of cement and I had to stop to stretch it out, even sitting on the bus stop once in a while.  (In life we will slow down no matter what, you can never keep going on with what you do, there is a limit to human capacity, there is no shame in slowing down or telling yourself that once we were all high and mighty, Be Humble and never look down on others)

7. Finishing the run with a run walk run walk strategy and enjoying the scenery thinking back how I far I have come in this running journey has not only made me understand the word “Perseverance” but also understand the meaning of not giving up (Changing path in life to finish my goals is totally acceptable, in my LSD Run I did not finish it with a speedy run. as I walked  there is no shame but I finished strong, that is how I see life, if my goal is to finish, it is OK to change strategy or even stop and think, why be stubborn and keep going on with the same plan, be Flexible in life. Smile More and be polite. You will definitely feel better and a happier person)

So do you think you can relate running to life ? well I sure do think I can. if in doubt go for a run, your mind will clear and you will soon realize what you should need to do. Running is life and life is running. Run safe and God Bless you in your 2014 journey and a HAPPY NEW YEAR

isaac976 New Year

I would like to thank everyone again for reading my blog I do hope you have enjoyed my thoughts and if you want to see some thing reviewed be it race event, race gear, race kit or just maybe thoughts on life in the year 2014 do drop me an email at


6 responses

  1. Fantastic post, thanks for the inspiration I will be sure to do this on my next birthday


    31/12/2013 at 7:54 am

    • Hi Man who ate the world. Thanks for dropping my blog and yes took my time to reflect the things I have done in the past years. See you in the running circuit.

      Happy birthday in advance


      31/12/2013 at 8:33 am

  2. Pamela's Online Journal

    Awesome sportsman, impressive writer. When are you writing a book? Happy Birthday and have a wonderful time you deserve.


    01/01/2014 at 6:12 am

    • Thank you Pamela, your thought and running escapades are pretty good too.. hope you recover soon amd dont be like me..running on injury.

      Hope to see you soon


      13/01/2014 at 8:26 am

  3. Happy happy birthday!! Great post 🙂


    02/01/2014 at 11:00 am

    • Thanks you so much.. I am so sorry I missed this.


      13/01/2014 at 8:24 am

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