Which Path will you take in Life ?

Was just discussing this when I was in the pantry with another colleague the other day, and the conversation went on like this

He asked me this

Mr K : Hey do you still cycle to work ? ( As we both live pretty much in the same area in Singapore and he just bought his new bike as well)

Me: Yeah I still do everyday, Why do you ask ?

Mr K: Which route do you take ?

Me : I take my usual route, the Old Tampines Road

Mr K: Isn’t that really, Dangerous? with loads of trucks and narrow path enough for just a single car ?

Me: Yeah I know it is, but if you practice safe riding, and have wear lots of bright wear and blinkers on, I am sure it is fine, and besides it is already 8am in the morning with the sun shining brightly.

Mr K: I used that road once and it was scary, but the hills are a killer

Me: Yeah, the hills (actually just low gradient slopes) but he calls it hills, so I just mention as he does.

Mr K: Its really tiring to cycle those hills, now I use the PCN (Park Connector) which is actually another 3km more but all flat road.

Me: Just keep riding those hills it will make you stronger.

Mr K: think about this, the longer distance I go on the flat I will be better.

Me: Oh oK (End of Conversation)

So I need abit of views and opinion, Which route will you take, the shallow gradient hills or the flat but longer route ? I have my answer and I know which path I will take, if you know me well enough you will understand why I take that path. to me Life journey must never be smooth, in life we will fall down, Yes we will feel pain, we will have bruises, but that is how one person learn about life. Agreed ?


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