Another Succumb to the Wrath of Social Media

Well written letter to Anton Casey by Oon Shu Ann, this will be my last update on the Anton Casey case which is worth reading.

Oon Shu An letter

Update: LOL when I saw this add by Scoot

The British should be raising their pitch forks and torches when they hear this person ANTON CASEY was from their country. If you have not heard about this guy, he recently flamed the public of Singapore on his Facebook page by saying

anton casey post 1

anton casey post 2

He did not only posted derogatory post but even did a Youtube video and had the cheek to upload it,

Please before you click on the video be sure you can take the obnoxious prick’s comment, if not I am sure you are going to join the flaming society of Singapore and that is why he Mr Anton has left the country for PERTH. So good luck Australia, do welcome him with open arms, I hope he doesn’t offend you guys.

he even made headlines in the UK Independent (Click  to read)

Channel News Asia on the update of Anton Casey (Click to read)

knowing that Singapore has plenty of keyboard warriors why do such a thing, now you go delete you twitter account, your facebook account etc..etc.. but there is something called printscreen, if your frustrated in Singapore or just want to vent your anger.. just go out for a long long long run.. maybe go do some crossfit or hit the gym. Don’t you dare go pick a fight with the Singaporean keyboard warriors K. cause you ain’t Chuck Norris

To me this is just another Justine Sacco way of saying I am bored with the World, Please bring on the challenge of Social Media Wrath and Moral of the story is …



2 responses

  1. Pamela's Online Journal

    “I threw a grenade and killed 50 people then it exploded” Good one!


    27/01/2014 at 1:35 pm

    • yeah .. so funny isnt it ?


      27/01/2014 at 1:53 pm

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