Brothers Die 10 Days Apart While Running In New York

This is really a tragic story, I can’t stress enough to fellow runners to wear have at least an ID on you when you do your sports. RoadID have to be my choice of ID but if I am doing long runs I will turn on my Endomondo app to tell my friends where I am, even if I fall down a ditch at least my friends would know my last whereabouts, but more importantly I always let my loved one knows that I love them before I go out for my runs.
Reading the comments from the NY Daily News posting, it is surely sad that people actually think that staying healthy is a boon. Shame on them really, what matters is that they should be doing regular check up on their health.
To the family of Peter and Ryan, my condolence goes out to you, and to all runners and athletes out there, Run Safe and have a great week ahead. Its the Chinese Lunar New Year for us over in Asia.


Brothers Die 10 Days Apart While Running In New York By

(Peter Barry and Ryan Barry, who died of a heart attack while running in Central Park in New York City. pics from

Peter Berry suffered a fatal heart attack while on a run less than three weeks after the same thing happened to his brother.

In a tragic turn of events to the story of a New York City runner who collapsed and died during a New Year’s Eve run, that runner’s brother recently died doing the same thing, in the same city.

Peter Berry, 60, was out for a run in Central Park on Jan. 19 when he suffered a fatal heart attack. It happened 20 days after his half-brother, Rynn Berry, suffered cardiac arrest during a run in Prospect Park. The latter did not bring identification with him and his name was a mystery for days as he lie in a hospital room.

Shortly after Rynn Berry’s family identified him after seeing a news report about the case,he died on Jan 19

“It’s been a shock for the family,” said Charles Berry, who identified Rynn, on the death of his two brothers. “It’s been terrible. It’s still hard to believe.”

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  1. Road ID has an App as well and it works very well. I never leave home without my Road ID on.


    28/01/2014 at 8:25 pm

    • Word.. I think the ecrumbs only works on a iOs for the moment.. need to get Edward to make an Android one.


      29/01/2014 at 12:37 am

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