Mizuno Wave Hitogami First Impression Review

Mizuno Wave Hitogami guest review by @ev1neon

Mizuno wave Hitogami isaac976

It’s the second day of Chinese New Year but nothing’s gonna stop me from going for a quick run. What more with my new Mizuno Wave Hitogami; pronounced “hito-gum-mee”.  I finally got my hands on this awesome pair of racers which I was anxiously waiting for. As my brother told me this shoe is not released in this part of Asia yet, I was stoked to know that I will be the first few. How exciting! When he passed me the shoe box, I thought it was an empty box; good first impression of the weight for the shoes. Woke up this morning and Bro already did his 5k run and he was waiting for me at the gate. We went to run another 10k to have a good feel of this new Hitogami.

Hitogami vs Musha 5

Hitogami vs Musha 5
Mizuno Wave Hitogami is the latest release and an entirely new model by Mizuno. A little info into the name Hitogami, it means ‘Human Gods’ in Japanese where by the Japanese kabuki theater actors paint their faces  and transform into Human Gods. That explains the cool design idea by Mizuno of a kabuki mask when you put your  feet side by side. What an apt name, as when we are running/racing at our peak we transform into someone else – human Gods! 🙂 *like kabuki performers in their make up.

Kabuki Mask (Mask Pic credit to Pic2fly

The color choices of the shoes for both men and women range is strikingly attractive and beautiful. Definitely an eye-catcher when you wear those kicks for a run out there. So, my bro passed me the Electric/ Olympian Blue / Cyber Yellow pair which is as the picture below.

Mizuno Hitogami isaac976

Running Feel and Pros:

Coming at only a size 6 for myself, the shoe would approximately weigh 6 oz. Pretty lightweight and it gives a stable ride  that will make you feel like running really fast when you put on the racers. It would definitely be a good pair for a short tempo run/quick training days.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami isaac976

The shoe has a really snug feel on the heels and back of the feet. One of the key features of this Mizuno’s is the U4ic midsole which provides a nice cushioning feel on the midfoot but neutral and flat-bottomed. There is a 9mm heel to toe drop, just nice for those who prefers a little support and not too minimal pair of racers.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami isaac976

The kabuki inspired midfoot wraps for lockdown support. Another key feature of the shoe is the G3 forefoot rubber and that explains why I love the pretty flexible front toe box offering an optimum smoothness during the  forefoot touchdown.


However, as I break into this new pairs without socks this time around, the stitching of the upper inner front sole had a rough feel resulting in a slight skin burn on the upper toe (see pic)  after clocking at a distance of 4 clicks (that should be easily rectified by wearing socks)

The slim and narrow front of the shoe gives a little tight feel on the sides, therefore might not be preferred by runners with a broad feet.

skin burn

ev1neon summary of the Hitogami
All in all, this new release by Mizuno is a really good pair of racers with the new cushioning compound u4ic midsole delivering the lightweight and touch of support to go fast and feeling comfortable still. Gonna clock in more distance with this current favorite pair for sure!

The Hitogamis will be available in all World of Sports outlet and the retail price is still unconfirmed. Date to be launched has yet to be confirmed.

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  1. Oh my! You must wear socks when wearing shoe at all times. Socks helps to prevent getting ankle injury too..


    01/02/2014 at 8:20 pm

    • Hi Jessie

      For Eevon, she has been wearing socks. but it was me who told her to wear sockless as I run sockless all the time up to Half Marathon. No blisters all the while. Do check out my Thorlo Socks review which I totally recommend everyone.
      Thanks for visiting my site.


      01/02/2014 at 8:30 pm

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