Mizuno Wave Musha 5 Review “Isaac’s 2 cents”

Having a fast looking shoe makes one happy, My Mizuno Wave Musha 5 came in about 3 weeks ago,  unboxed it with great excitement and I even brought it out for a test run right away despite just reaching home from work, well WHY can’t it wait another day?


Its because I have read the forums and reviews and I  wondering to myself why people make such a big fuss of it complaining about the shoe, not complaining that its a bad shoe but complaining that Mizuno is taking it off the shelves on such a speedy shoe. (This shoe will be replaced by the Mizuno Wave Hitogami)

There is a great many followers of the Mizuno Wave Musha series and the more I read the more I understand that they have been user of the Musha since the first model and when the announced they are going to replace it, it created much frenzy buying on this model.  Don’t worry as Singapore wont allow any of this  buying frenzy because Singapore World Of Sports outlets still stocks them.

Coming out from the box, It felt like just any other racers I have from the Saucony A5, to New Balance MR800, I like love how Mizuno designed this racer more towards a lifestyle shoe that one can wear everyday. (Think of the Puma Faas, NB 574),

Running in the Musha 5 made me feels that I was are running on something really firm but not flimsy, the soles are made of carbon and it has this solid push off and with a 9mm heel to toe drop, with that drop it makes you feel pretty much running forward all the time.

Took it out for a spin around my usual block and I the shoe made me feel as if I was possess by the Greek God Of Speed Hermes himself, I wasn’t sure if it was the shoe or was it extra energy I am getting from the food I ate, doing my 5k I ran a easy 24min. Which I didn’t believe myself. I thought my Mizuno Wave Sayonara (click to read) was fast, but this was even faster.

The very next day I took this shoe out for a spin again this time longer distance of 10k to test out the cushioning and it holds really well and still feels stiffer than the Sayonara which have the updated U4ic and G3 soles. You would not believe if I told you that the my 5K time was still a speedy one.

In fact It was so speedy that I had to loan this shoe to my good running neighbor Mr Arieternity aka Zurairi just to psyche myself that it’s not the shoe. His verdict was the same as mine, we didn’t time on the run but we did a 12k run with Jun and he say he felt great with the shoe, in fact he says that it made him feel like running forward automatically and he was sold. So it was not just my feelings over the shoes hence the second opinion. (I did not mention anything to him about the shoe and how it runs, I just loaned it to him)

The shoe weighs only 415gm for a pair of size US8.5

isaac976 Mizuno Wave Musha 5

Isaac’s 2 cents worth

Wave Musha 5 has a firm upper which gives support when running really fast, the heel cup holds the feet really well which does not slip when running and the amazing sole of the shoes which is made of carbon rubber outsole which offers excellent grip and durability, the thermoplastic elastomer in high-impact area of heels resists compression to absorb shock and enhance cushioning and I truly appreciate that,

For me I really dont have a problem with this shoe but if you have to choose a problem with this shoe I would say that this shoe is not as flexible as other racers but it gives superb cushioning for such a lightweight shoe.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and do check in for more reviews.

Well don’t just take my word for it, head down to your nearest World Of Sports and test it out.

Other Similar Models to the Musha will be the Karhu Flow Fulcrum Ride, Skechers GORun, Puma Faas 300, Brooks T7 Racer

Other Reviews on the Wave Musha 5

1 This guy reviewed the Wave Musha 5 and calls it the Sheep in Wolf Clothing and I can easily understand why.

2. Here is Running Bun on her Mizuno’s

4 responses

  1. Pamela's Online Journal

    Looks very good, I feel like buying one of your recommended Mizuno shoes. My brother said my Newton are not suitable for me. I’m a casual runner with injury.


    19/02/2014 at 9:18 am

    • When you are free you let me know ok, I can advise you on the shoes that might be suitable for you. Lets run a few more times and let me gauge your running gait and stride.

      I am sure there is a shoe that is suitable, as I have tried many shoes nearly all the brands out there just to get the right feel .


      19/02/2014 at 9:22 am

  2. Beautiful shoes & a great review! I’ve never ran in Mizunos before.


    19/02/2014 at 12:10 pm

    • Thank you Janice, I didn’t know why I didnt choose Mizuno earlier, I’ve tried many shoes but shun Mizuno,

      If you like running long distance my next review would be perfect. It is the shoe I will be using for my Tokyo Marathon.


      19/02/2014 at 1:44 pm

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