Raleigh Round Island Challenge 2014

Do you like adventure racing? Do you like swimming in crystal clear water? how about participating in a Charity event? If you answer Yes to all I am very sure this event in Malaysia will be of interest to you.

Being an avid adventure racers myself (sadly not many such races these days) I saw Tristupe tweeted about a Raleigh Round Island Challenge and first thing that came to my mind was AAADDDVEEEENNTTTUUURREE race.

A Raleigh expedition is not just for life. It is a way of life.

Making a difference 
As a charity, Raleigh raises funds to make its expeditions the best possible experience for the volunteers and the local communities. In this role, Raleigh acts as a catalyst for change, bringing local communities together, sometimes for the first time as one team and giving them the resources and motivation to achieve sustainable development. To do this Raleigh works in partnership with local communities, non-governmental organisations and governments in the host countries, following the Millennium Development Goals where it can.

The challenges
From the very first expedition Raleigh was founded on 4 challenges:

1. Being Selected
2. Raising Funds
3. Going for Expedition
4. Contributing Locally

It is these challenges that make Raleigh special. Our values of discovery, courage, drive and integrity have come from the heart and we believe in them and live them in all we do.

Date: 9-11th May 2014
Requirements: 4 team members to swim a relay of 15km to be completed in 10 hours around Perhentian Island (There should always be 2 members kayaking and another two swimming at all times during the race,switching roles is allowed at alternative checkpoints.) Knowing how to swim is a must.
Fees: RM 350 per team member (Includes 3D2N stay on island, return transport from KL-Perhentian, insurance coverage, Marine Park fees, food, medal, and event t-shirt). This made the fee per team to be RM1400.00
Below is the link to their Facebook page. All updates are done mainly through there.
Registration link can also be found at the following:
For any inquiries from the public, they can do so by dropping a message at ric@raleighinternational.org.my
They are also recruiting volunteers to come help out during the event day itself. Those who are interested can drop  an email titled ‘Raleigh RIC: Volunteer’ at the same email mentioned above.
Looking at the race registration fees and all its logistic that has been put into this race, I have to say that RM350/member for a team of 4 is really reasonable.  Remember this total fee includes lodging, food, transport, medals.. etc.. what more can you ask for)
If you are an avid racer and strong swimmer I believe this challenge will be a good one for you as it incorporates kayaking as well as swimming.
So if you are interested, do sign up on the link provided, any questions you have do not hesitate.to contact ric@raleighinternational.org.my or contact them at the FB page.

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