How to Recover Faster from your Runs

Before I say anything please check this video out , Ahmad is a frequent runner at my workplace and I decided to try this contraption out with him…  just look at how he is digging deep with the device on his tired shins, let the video do all the talking…

If you are one runner that always complains about having tight muscle, soreness or wanting to recover faster, I truly recommend you using Go Moji 360 Mini Massager, I bought this online as because I couldn’t get any dealers carrying this device in Singapore.

Just like any runner, I will have my soreness and not forgetting tight muscle after a hard run, I’ve made my own foam roller (Click for instruction) to iron out my tightness but I needed something that I could travel with as I travel a fair but and I take every opportunity I can to run in another country.

Check out the packaging that came with it.

So how does the Moji 360 works?It has seven sphere made of aluminum ball bearing (so I think) and with two special spheres to perform specific functions. You’ll notice there is a larger sphere at the top by your fingertips and the largest one by the heel of your hand. They created this on purpose and they named the top largest sphere as “Target Sphere” It is name as such for a reason.

The largest sphere at the bottom digs super deep, using the heel of your hand to provide the most intense massage. Again, hence the name “Intensity Sphere” and intense it is, I usually like to press hard on my palm to my shins using the Target sphere and the Intensity Sphere.


This device is totally bendable and it moves with the contours of your legs as well as your back. Moji mini have helped me recover faster after every run. On the first try when you rub it over your shin you will feel an intense pain (Think of using a metal rod and rolling it over your shin, yup that the feeling)

isaac976After a few rub own over a few days, you will certainly feel the effect of this and less muscle tightness, I’ve use it over my calf, quads, neck, my back and my shin the most, as for me the Moji mini 360 has been my secret to a quick recovery.

20140115_214217 I totally recommend this Moji 360 not only to runners but in fact to everyone that has muscle soreness, really give it a try you won’t regret it. This retails for USD $29.95  on their website.

If you are interested you can visit



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