Salomon X-Scream Review (City To Trail Edition)

Updated: 27 April 2015 – Read the Latest model X-Scream 3D here

Salomon launched the “X-Scream” shoe this March where Salomon created the  “city trail” series or in other words, a trail/road hybrid for one that looking for the best of both world

As always, Salomon knows how to make quality products that just look fantastic, even the mighty red ant wanted to take a closer look, find out how the new Salomon feels and rides after my much abuse to it, I’ve put in a little or more or less than 50k in about a week now or so now.. so keep up guys




The first thing that I will look for when buying a trail shoe is always and most definitely the lugs of the shoes, If you look at the picture on the top with the soles Salomon still retains the OS Tendon, it is a stretchy TPU band placed between the midsole and outsole to help guide the foot through the entire footstrike, promoting an even ride and springy toe-off.

The usual stuff on this shoe will be the Contagrip® LT rubber supplies lightweight cushioning and grip on mixed surfaces but, I am not feeling the grip on this shoe on a few surfaces mainly the side pavement that is made of small pebbles and man-hole covers.

The bi-directional lugs on the sole of the shoe did not help much on those surfaces but when it comes to trailing on the mud and sand boy you are in for a treat.


First time when I slip them on my feet, I felt this is surely no ordinary trail shoe, Salomon surely built this for the road to trail by adding more comfort and with comfort I am sure everyone will love this shoe because I sure did, this shoe is well padded with the plush collar and friction free lace eyelets, another new key feature Salomon have implemented is the contoured foam footbed for added underfoot comfort with this new addition


The new addition made the shoe feels like a hollow cup and very firm snug heel fit when you walk in it, it did not feel much of a difference when running in the trails, you surely will feel this snug feel when on the road for sure. The front of the shoe spots the Protective TPU toe cap and signature S.

The upper has a breathable mesh and a tongue cover with the Salomon signature lace pocket which keeps the laces securely and neatly tucked away.


Inserting the LT Muscle as the midsole material for lightweight and flexible cushioning, the LT technology surely holds even after a long 15k run on the road and even pavement, why I keep saying road and pavement is because I have run in the shoe about 50% on road and 50% on the trails, you won’t feel that the shoes is thinning out or your soles are badly fatigued


With the mid Asymmetrical Sensiflex, this promotes forefoot lock down, while allowing the foot to move more naturally, now take a closer look at the Sensifit where Salomon claims it promotes a foot wrapping and secure fit, if you have a chance do go stretch this part of the shoe where when one leg is bloated during a run, this Sensifits actually expands and still keeps the fit comfortable.


Not only I get the shoe but I get to run with dear Anna Frost aka Frosty from Team Salomon.

Check out a short introduction of Anna in Singapore recently

isaac976 isaac976

What’s my shoe verdict?  If you were lazy reading all the explanation on the top:

This shoe is like a dream come true for all road pounding runners who loves running into the trail to get out of the monotony of pavement this would be it. The shoe is not overly technical and is most suited for everyone wanting to try out trail to even the pro’s

When I was running Macritchie last weekend I saw so many people in shoes that is so unsuited for the trails, If I could I would put the Salomon van filled with X-Screams and let em test out the shoe (wait maybe it will come..hhmmm)

What if I am a just a runner who is starting out on the trails?

This shoe is perfect for you because not only does it eats up the trail like most trail shoes, you can use it even if it just for walking or running on a casual 5k. Everyone will not be disappointed with this combination of City and Trail by Salomon it surely is made from the pavement to trail, you will enjoy the rugged versatility of the X-Scream

What did Isaac love most about the shoes?

The shoe sure is very comfortable, and I have to say one of the most comfortable running / trail shoes I’ve worn to date, just didn’t feel too restrictive or rigid, they surely got it right?

The bi-directional lugs is a sure win for me cause running on the trails the lugs sure had traction and grip. If I could put a shoe on everyone wanting to test out trail, this is surely “THE” shoe.

What didn’t Isaac like about the shoes?

Hey no shoe is perfect if you have to ask. What I didn’t like about this shoe is sadly the bi-directional lugs, WHY? cause it might get slippery running on a wet tarmac/pavement or over a man hole cover, so please be careful alright. As I usually run sockless this shoe did not give me hot spots until about 15k into my trail run, it was just a slight burn on the right side, but am sure this can be no problem for people running in socks.

Loving the review but where can I get one ?

Ok that was cheesy but hey if you do like the review do like the post maybe ? anyway you can get the Salomon X-Scream at all World of Sports outlet and they retail for a reasonable SGD$189 (Awesome move Salomon, well priced cause of the hybrid system going on)

How do I rate the shoe?

I give it 4.5 trails  out of 5 Trails. This shoe is surely going to be on my feet a whole lot more.


Anyone wants to own this signed cap from Anna Frost herself? Please do let me know as I am raising funds for the less fortunate kids and Singapore Disability Sports Council. All proceeds will go to them and this is for a good cause.


4 responses

  1. Katrina

    Great review of the X-Scream, I’m looking into new shoes right now and it’s on the list, now significantly higher to the top. Have you had any experience or heard anything about the X-Wind Pro?


    09/07/2014 at 7:43 pm

    • Hey Katrina, Salomon have not passed me any new shoes, means it has not arrived in Asia (Singapore yet)

      but good news, I am getting something new tomorrow from New Balance (trail shoe if you are looking into trail) Do check out my Instagram for it tomorrow


      09/07/2014 at 10:47 pm

  2. I need a size 15


    23/07/2014 at 5:04 pm

    • Hi Bernard, go get one.. its worth it. one of my fav shoe cause so versatile


      23/07/2014 at 5:07 pm

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