Nike Free 2014 Running Collection

Nike Revolutionizes natural Motion Flexibility with their new Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit, Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit and Nike Free 5.0. This new revolution features Nike biggest natural motion advancements in Nike Free since its 2004 launch

isaac976 Nike Free (3)

An invitation came in for me to test out the latest Nike Free 3.0 flyknit a few days ago and I was like whut, have not been using Nike shoes for a long time (to my own reasons) and I thought to myself… Hey, maybe I should give em a chance and see the changes that Nike have gone through.

The event took place at the Promontory @ Marina Bay on a hot Saturday just after a inter-varsity race which I heard NUS took the championship (WAY TO GO GUYS)

Actually the press release for the Nike Free was published back in March and if you have missed it here is the link Nike Free Press Release

So if you are wanting to know how the shoe runs? how it feels and it’s tech and specs be reminded this is not a review, just a short take on the Flyknit 3.o and how it felt for that moment, but in the meanwhile enjoy some shoe porn.


Went out for a run under the hot sun and it felt… like .. . ok seriously 100 Fahrenheit and the humidity level is not helping too, but it was all good. If you are planning to run in Singapore make sure you are prepare to soak in water.

Did Isaac like the shoe?

After our sweltering run under the great sunny Singapore sun, this shoe felt sticky just like a wet socks. If you guys have been reading all my reviews. I do not run in socks unless its 42km.

So this Flyknit 3.0 kinda sticks to my feet. If you are a sockless runner like me I do not recommend the 3.0 as this shoe certainly tear as its made of a single yarn to reduce the waste and help the environment.  (yup how cool is that, good on you Nike peeps)

The shoe is definitely light and I felt it was easy to adapt to. Mind you peeps this shoe run a half size smaller, so if you wear a 8.5 like me get a size 9. or even go up a size if your socks are thick.

Overall this shoe is comfortable for everyday shoes.

This is me signing off on another post. Remember guys please donate generously to my cause for the Sundown Charity and for every $50 donation you get a chance to win the Limited Edition Tokyo Marathon 890 v4. To donate please –> click here <–


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