10 secrets to boost your Metabolism if you want to lose weight

Everyone wants to lose weight at some point of their life, some for vanity some for healthh, sometimes trying to lose those extra weight seems impossible, well  here is 10 secrets that can boost you Metabolism to give you the added boost to lose weight. number 10 is a killer for most people

Just to make sure everyone know what is “Metabolism” ,to put in simple explanation it is the system of chemical activities by which a living thing gets power (energy)  from other things such as food. This depends, for example, on how often someone eats . If they are hungry their metabolism slows down dramatically. Metabolism uses energy to fuel all organs involved in digestion and respiration and so on.

Starting from number 1

1. Interval Cardiovascular Exercise

Interval is pretty easy to do, instead of walking at a steady pace, you would need to walk 2 minutes then run 1 minute. Repeat that cycle for 30 to 45 minutes and you’ll have greatly boosted your metabolic rate – way more than walking for sure. That’s not all the best part of interval is that it will stay burning even when you’re at rest.

2. Eat Healthy Fats

A lot of people think that they need to cut out all fats from their diet to lose weight, not true. you don’t need BAD fats you need GOOD fats. Consuming fats like omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats your eating food that help t increase your metabolism.

Healthy fats are found mostly in food like Avocados (my favourite) nuts and seeds, fatty fish like salmon and in oils like olive and canola.

3. Eat Food Rich in Protein

Did you know that your body need to work extra hard to process protein in which helps boost metabolism. Protein also helps with maintaining your muscle mass – and muscle burn more calories than fat does.

Eating foods that are rich in protein helps to satiate your hunger, allowing you to go longer between meals without feeling hungry.

4. Dark Green Leafy Vegetable

Dark green leafy veggies are high in iron, cause they strengthen your blood cells, which supply nutrients to your whole body. They give your metabolism an impressive boost because they step up your digestion.

5. Spicy Spicy Spicy Food

Need I say more? I love spicy food, even heading out to try out the level 3 MacDonald’s spicy challenge burger (Find out how it fare here), why this works is because the chemical capsaicin, found in peppers like chili peppers, increase the body’s temperature in a process known as thermogenesis.

6. Apples

Apples are full of vitamins and high in fiber – so not only do they boost your metabolism they help decrease hunger pangs, decrease between meal craving and improve your digestion

7. Green Tea


Green tea has gained much fans because researchers just keep learning more and more good things about it, Green tea has an active ingredients called catechins, this helps speed up your metabolism, one reason why it is often called “Dieter’s Tea”

8. Plain Water

Increasing your water intake can boost your metabolic rate by as much as 30% if you can’t stand water? drink some sparkling water with lime or lemon.

9. Eating Late into the Night

NO NO NO … I totally say no to this cause when you go to bed your body metabolism slows down because your body is not using any energy and this turns your unneeded food into fat for storage.

10. Reduce Stress

Stress plays a big role in weight loss, every kind of stress is bad for us as it tries to hold on to extra fat because it assumes hard times are on the way, go relax, minimize your stress through relaxation, my relaxation is running. Whats yours?

Remember never give up on your weight loss regime ok, you never got to that weight in one day and you will never lose it on one day too.

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  1. Thks for the post! I need thisssss ahhaha :p


    12/05/2014 at 4:52 pm

    • You are sugar sweet remember.. u dont need this for sure. . Gorgeous as always


      12/05/2014 at 6:10 pm

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