Arch Rival: Heroes vs Villians Run

Many times I hear people say running events in Singapore has been monotonous and its always the same thing. Kudos to the many organizers for bringing in different themes and running events, for example the Illumi Run (check it out here), Color Run , Electric Run, Music Run.. but wait check this out.

ARCH RIVAL: Heroes VS Villain Run, Just check out how cool their call for participation (COMIC STRIP)

Superhero 5K

Somebody please tell me how GEEKY this can go.  This is definitely a sports lover and Geeks dream (yes that would be me)  Just thinking about this makes me want to ride my X-Wing jetfighter to circle around the Death Star all while wielding my google glass taking picture of the… oh nevermind you get my drift.  Imagine having able to dress up in costume and not having to wait for Halloween or a major Cosplay event totally dream come true.

Can you Imagine? this Arch Rival Hero Vs Villians run has been going on since 2007.. thats 7 years ago. Someone, anyone.. please already.. bring this in to our shores.  Well you seen it here first, if it comes to ASIA, Thank me ok (hint hint, I already suggested this to one of the biggest race organizer in Singapore back in 2013)

Heroes vs. Villains



Well if all goes well you will be the first to know on my blog site. Thanks again for visiting and if have other runs to share that you have seen and wants to be in Singapore, do put it in the comment box below and you might just see it happen in the near future.

All pictures are from the official facebook of Arch Rivals: Heroes Vs Villains


One response

  1. this would be a dream come true for me too!!


    21/05/2014 at 11:44 am

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