The Heat is ON !

Nike delivers the best in cooling technologies for the world’s greatest players.

isaac976 NIKE

Football played in Brasil this June and July could see temperatures around 25°C (77°F), with at least 10 matches pushing 30°C (86°F).

For athletes playing 90-minute matches in these conditions, keeping cool is crucial to performance. Nike’s 2014 national team kits have been designed with optimal cooling solutions to give athletes a leg up in these conditions and help them stay cool under pressure on the world stage.

Key cooling elements in Nike’s National Team Kit system of dress include:

  • Sweat-wicking Nike Dri-FIT fabrication
  • Dual-knit construction moves sweat away from skin to the outside of the kit where it can evaporate more quickly
  • Dual-knit construction features a fabrication that is cooler and softer against skin
  • Burn-out mesh at the back of the national team kits and Nike Pro baselayer reduces weight by removing fabric in key heat zones for added breathability
  • Laser-cut ventilation increases airflow over the skin
  • Nike Pro baselayer options are 16 percent lighter than their predecessors with added cooling and ventilation
  • Increased abrasion protection in the Pro baselayer Slider Short match athletes’ sliding patterns with increased breathability and decreased weight

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