Mario Gotze and Magista Boots Seal Successful Summer of Football

It has been an exciting year for Nike Football both on pitch and off pitch!

On the pitch, Nike started the tournament with 10 sponsored teams, while 53 percent of all players selected for their squads wore Nike boots, more than for all other brands combined.

Throughout the competition, Nike-sponsored players scored 76 goals, including the winner in the final from German striker Mario Gotze, and the goal that took his fellow striker Miroslav Klose to all-time tournament goalscorer, breaking the cumulative record previously held by Ronaldo of Brasil.

Off the pitch, the #RiskEverything campaign dominated views, social chatter and engagement leading up to and during the tournament. The three #RiskEverything films,  “Risk Everything,” “Winner Stays” and “The Last Game”, have racked up 397 million online views to date.

Twenty-three million people engaged with the content by liking, retweeting or commenting, making “The Last Game” one of Facebook’s most shared posts ever.

Hop over to NikeInc for more details on Nike’s overall success in Football:


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