Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Tried and Tested

This review on the Mizuno Wave Creation is WAY LONG overdue on my side, why I say this is because the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 has been taken over by the 15 for almost a year now, but this shoe in particular is still a hot favorites amongst runner that have felt the power of the Wave Plate. (I will explain how this technology works below)

Mizuno Wave Creation 14

To be honest I never tried Mizuno until recently, I have been raving Asics and Saucony for the longest time until now,

Previously when I visit the running stores I would glance at the Mizuno shoes shelves and then looked away cause the colors are not attractive and their shoes technology are unheard of, man was I so wrong.. hence the saying

“If you have not tried it, you will never know”

Here are the low down on this magnificent shoe that is my to-go-shoe for Marathons. I ran the Tokyo Marathon back in February with them and it powered me to a personal record, somehow I have to say the shoe helped quite a bit on this because of the energy rebound of the wave plate

First impression of this shoe when I opened it from the box was that, would this run? this shoes are pretty heavy! what’s this funny looking plastic on the heel? will this shoe slow me down unlike my lightweight Mizuno Sayonara’s ? and before I go any further take a look at the shoe profile.

Unboxing Mizuno Wave 14

I ordered the one with the orange accent and the shoe fits as it says on the size unlike some shoes which runs a little wider or narrower, The one I’ve ordered is a size US 8.5 and as I said this shoe felt a bit hefty weighing in at 12.4oz, which is considered heavy for me as most of my shoes are running below 10 oz, the reason for this additional weight is the padding and comfort that comes with the shoe.

I have to say the comfort and padding of this shoe is unmatchable, putting on the shoes feel like putting on your favorite pair or PJ before going to sleep.

Mizuno Wave 14

You can see the chunkiness of this shoe from the left profile, this chunky baby sits on a drop of 11.5mm which lets your foot sits high off the ground and the shoe tends to have a stiff ride on my first initial run when I took them out for a spin. The wave plate felt strange but in actual fact the Wave Plate is the saviour of mys legs.

The wave plate acts as a spring designed for comfort, it features as a responsive springy feel that disperses shock, reducing the impact on your body and returning energy to your legs feeling a rebound energy every time your soles hit the ground. In my mind I kept thinking this shoe should be illegal because it felt so easy running even after 15k long.

 This shoes create a smooth, comfortable gait for neutral runners and the responsiveness and stiffness of this wave plate will works wonders on anyone that usually fall flat after running a long run,

Some tech specs on the shoes

Weight: 12.4 oz.
Profile (Heel): 35.7 mm
Profile (Forefoot): 24.2 mm
Drop from heel to forefoot: 11.5 mm
Catergory: Neutral runner
Upper: Mest with hot-melt suede synthetic overlays
Midsole: Mizuno Ifinity Wave plate
Outsole: Durable rubber
Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Mizuno Wave Creation 14Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Mizuno Wave Creation 14 Mizuno Wave Creation 14

Isaac 2 Cents Worth on the Mizuno Wave Creation 14

To me this is a sure win heavy duty shoe that will keep on pounding the pavement, but if you are unfamiliar with the Creation, and want to know if it is the right shoe for you, then I think you should go to your local running store to get a fit as there are some issues for first timers. The particular way the Wave plate is designed in the Creation makes the shoe ideal for a heel-striker. But more importantly, it gives the shoe a lot of rigidity and stability that creates a good gait.

The Good

  1. Expect nothing less than maximum cushioning and comfort, mile after mile
  2. The shoe feels airy even on humid days
  3. Wave Plate energy rebound is wonderful (I say it is illegal, LOL)
The Bad
  1. Felt some hotspots (but should not be an issue for runners with socks)
  2. Shoe sits pretty high off the ground
  3. Wave creation 15 is already out, which actually makes this shoe much cheaper.

If you have any questions in regards to this shoe, do not hesitate to leave me a comment on the comment section down below.

You can purchase the Mizuno Wave Creation 14 from all World Of Sports stores and Mizuno Outlet (Do call them to check as stocks could be limited)



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