Running without a watch

Good Morning Runners, hope you had a great weekend training for your up-coming races, Please do share with me what races you looking forward to race in, I have the Army Half Marathon, Color Run, NTUC Walk, Puma Night Run and my grand finale the one and only “Berlin Marathon”

In recent months, I have been running without a watch or any fancy gadgets which I have relied on in the past, GPS, Stride Sensors, HR.If you have been training with this type of gadgets I would say good for you guys, there is no doubt those gadgets are good to monitor your training which helps achieve your goals.

Every weekend is the time for runners to put on their running shoes and head out for those long looooong runs which they call LSD short for Long Slow Distance or what I would like to call it Long Steady Distance run. They will be armed with to the teeth with compression socks, hydration bags and high tech gadgets to track those long distance.

But for me, all I am trying to do is rely my training on just a stop watch, enjoying the scenery with the music of my heartbeat and breathing pattern while all watching my running gait and technique, People tends to get too concern with their gadgets and reading their training charts, and forgetting to run with their heart, Yesterday I wanted to head down to town from Punggol which covers over 30km. but my plan was buzzkilled by my stopwatch, my dear trusty Timex which was used by me for so many Marathon has officially died on me. (Thank You for your long service)

TimexTimex Run

I have just changed fresh batteries and it died on my Mizuno Wave Run 3 weeks ago for the first time but when I got home it started working again. so I thought I bring it out again to as I have hoped it will work again, half way through my run it then died on me again, feeling frustrated as I was on my Negative split training, and just when I reach my half way point all I knew is that I am carrying a blank face watch. Well so what do you do when this happens?

  1. Just enjoy your surroundings
  2. Run with a big smile
  3. Do your best and run till your legs are sore.

Well if you face this problem half way through your race, just face it, fret not and enjoy your run. What else would you want to do with a dead watch. Yes it may be disappointing cause you will never know your race time, or maybe you PB? there are plenty more races to come. More importantly enjoy your run or just say hi to the runner coming your way, or strike up a conversation with the runner next to you. Have fun guys.

7 more weeks to train for my Berlin Marathon. Have a great week ahead.


2 responses

  1. Running without a watch can be beneficial. There are times when I constantly checked my watch on a 5k run just to stress myself and then ruin my pace. The next few times I ran the whole 5k without checking my watch in the midst of the run – only checked it at the end and tadah! I was actually faster. But I guess it only works for amateur runners like me and not for people who are preparing for races.


    11/08/2014 at 10:12 am

    • I like how you put it Tadah.. well in-fact its true for me as well, I use my stopwatch with the km market to judge as I have memorize the timing and pacing in my head. running has to be enjoyable and not bound by time. Glad you are running and keep it up


      11/08/2014 at 10:39 am

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