5 Key Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

Have you ever wondered if you should be wearing contact lenses while playing sports?

Well the answer is that doctors agree that contact lenses are the best vision correction option for athletes. They can enhance visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness, and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination. There was a study on tinted contact lenses enhancing performance and I’ve even seen Nike selling specific contact lenses just for sports. (I kid you not, see pic)

Unlike glasses, contacts offer athletes a competitive advantage because they stay in place under dynamic and harsh conditions. They also provide a wider vision field, and eliminate the risk of glasses-related injuries. Contact lenses also make it easy to wear protective goggles if you need to do so.

It’s pretty obvious why few athletes wear eyeglasses when they’re in the game: Glasses fog up, slip, and even fall off. The frame and lens edges can be distracting and I found out the hard way when my dad complains of peripheral vision after buying him a very expensive shade for his birthday only to see it being put aside.

But which kind of contacts should an athlete choose?

Soft lenses are generally considered best for sport as they move less on the eye and are less likely to be dislodged. For sports that are particularly dynamic, such as running, the extra stability of soft lenses is also advisable. Daily disposable soft lenses offer many advantages. Some sports are played in dirty environments with potential for lens contamination and handling problems. So be sure to throw them out after.

Here are 5 Key Advantages of Contact Lenses for Sports

Compared with eyeglasses, contact lenses offer a number of advantages to enhance your vision for sports competition:

  1. Better peripheral vision. Though sports eyeglasses can be made with large, wraparound-style lenses, most prescription eyeglasses have small, relatively flat lenses and small frames. This significantly limits vision essential for many sports.
  2. Unlikely bouncing and tightness Contact lenses will not bounce like glasses when you are in the running motion and you might even feel discomfort from the side contact of your glasses. With contact lenses, you also don’t need to worry about eyeglasses sliding down your nose or falling off.
  3. Less likelihood of fogging up or getting splattered. Unlike eyeglasses, contacts usually remain clear regardless of environment or weather conditions such as rain.
  4. Less chance of injury. Eyeglasses may break and cause eye injury if you take a hard hit, but contact lenses won’t. Worst is that your contact drops out, and I’ve seen it happened in front of my own eyes.
  5. Better compatibility with safety equipment. Contact lenses does not interfere with the fit or comfort if you need to don on your head gear or protective headgear like Football or even cycling.

I have heard much about this brand Coppervision and their Pro Clear One Day Contacts which are truly very comfortable, It would be great getting more feedback on different views on other brands of contact lens usage would be much appreciated, do you wear contacts when you do your sports? I would like to know your feedback and what you think about it at the comment section below.



4 responses

  1. tibetmonk

    Contact lenses are a must for me when playing sports. Used to play basketball with glasses and lost count of the number of glasses I broke. After changing to contact lenses, I could see much clearer without glasses fogging up and became much more accurate when shooting the basket.

    When it comes to badminton, you usually need to visualize the whole court and glasses restrict your peripheral vision greatly. The depth of hitting shuttles is also compromised a little and you tend to take the shuttle too early or late. Fogging up of glasses is a big disadvantage for badminton players.

    Running – after switching to contact lenses, you no longer need to constantly push up your glasses when you are perspiring. The worse thing is when you have perspiration on your glasses, you have no where that is dry on your body where you can wipe the lenses with!!! On days where you have to run with the sun in your face, wearing contact lenses also ensures you will be able to wear shades (I have not come across any transition contact lenses yet).

    As long as you clean the lenses properly everyday (I use monthly disposables) and keep the risk of infection to the minimal, contact lenses are definitely the way to go.

    (I think the best is still go for lasik, whether you are a sports person or not)

    Liked by 1 person

    15/08/2014 at 10:42 am

    • Well said and you are right about the sweat dripping off the lens of the glass and you have no where to wipe, I feel the same with my Oakley but luckily they have aquaphobic solution. There is a study about tinted contact lens enhancing sports, maybe I should put in the link to the study. Thanks for dropping


      15/08/2014 at 10:48 am

  2. tibetmonk

    How can i forget about pool and snooker? One of the sports that requires absolute accuracy can be marred by spectacles. Especially when you bend and try to align a straight shot, specs actually split your vision in 2 through the obstruction from the top of the frame. Specs are a no no in this sport!


    17/08/2014 at 10:10 am

    • Speaking of which. . When are we playing? I am sure E plays as well. .


      17/08/2014 at 10:13 am

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