Lucy the Movie: Review & Spoiler

Watching movie has been a luxury these days, and watching a good movie is even luxur-ior ? LOL, ok I just made that up. but yeah anyway movie production has been nothing more than just over glorified trailers, Tell me how many trailers have you watch on the pre-screening where it made you go “Woah I am not going to miss that for the whole world”, you tell yourself how can it go wrong? Top actors, actresses, awesome director, summer block buster, so seriously what can go wrong? Just like LUCY “catch the trailer here if you have not..



Do not read if you want to watch the movie.

After lining up, pre-booking your tickets weeks ahead, paying premium for good seats, the movie ends and you go … What the Hell did I just watched? Well Lucy was one of it. The trailer has nothing but over glorified action and story line leaving you wanting more, but really after watching the movie I felt I was cheated of my money,

This is definitely not one of Luc Besson best for sure, I am not sure what he was smoking when he directed this but I was his fan for many of his films but not this one for sure and I hope he doesn’t disappoint in his upcoming Taken 3 and Transporter movies.

There was totally no story line behind this movie, If you are a Scarlett Johansson fan go watch it for her spaced out acting and driving skills if she was the one behind the wheel. Morgan Freeman didn’t help much and this movie will not leave you gripping on the seats nor wanting to know what happens next, but I certainly learn about synthetic drugs CPH4 (the drugs SJ was ingested with).

There, I said it not much of a spoiler for you which this leaves you room to go watch the shoe but really do not leave your hopes to high. My Rating: 1/5 popcorn  “Watch at your own discretion

If you have watch this, let me know what you think ? Do you have the same sentiment ? or am I just weird in that way?


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