Six Thousand Participants Flagged-Off at the NTUC FairPrice Walks With U

Fascinating Time at the NTUC FairPrice Walks With U Event


What a beautiful Saturday morning, waking up to cloudy skies at 6am and by 7am, I was at the Promontory at Marina Bay. The train was filled with people wearing shades of blue with the NTUC Fairprice logo and no matter where you stop you will see a family or two. I believe having events at the Promontory is very practical as there is the circle line Bay Front where you can stop at, so it’s ultra convenient.

Not only is it convenient, the Promontory is just next to the picturesque MBS where you can see the beautiful Merlion and CBD Landscape, you can see many families taking pictures along the walk and yes what a beautiful scene. Check out some pics I have taken along the way.


With a sold out event of 6000, I am not surprised to see many NTUC sponsors at the carnival giving out free goodies to all participants, I had my handsful even before the event lining up for goodies such as Peanut butter samples, Milk, Ice-cream, Fish Ball and the list goes on, the only challenge of getting to the sponsors tent which was the wet field that was caused by the unfortunate rain from yesterday, but hey what’s life without some struggle.

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCTruly a wonderful event as I like to see families of all walks and races coming to such an event. What can I say, beautiful weather, happy family and a wonderful organisers to boot. What can go wrong, no complains but one for me.

Please do not print the race bib the next time if you can save mother earth, maybe do a small arm band to confirm participants entry before they can enter the carnival tent or so: then only in the end of the event let them put in the band for the lucky draw. (How is that for saving mother earth)


And if you want to see the flag-off please click on the video below


This event is totally recommended for families with kids, bring them all out for a beautiful weekend at the park with NTUC, so mark your calendar for 2015, It’s definitely going to be sold out again.


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