Check Out this Vending Machine

Last weekend I manage to check out a mall from the west side of Singapore and usually I do not visit malls on weekend as it is my training days, well an off day would not hurt once in a while. What a cool building eh..

This mall had this vending machine that intrigued me at first sight, I have seen different types of vending machine from the regular soda machine to the very unconventional dispensing batteries, lingerie (I am not kidding) and the one that dispense gold bar (I am sure that made headlines all over the world)

But this awesome little machine at Star Vista in Buona Vista basement just placing itself at the foyer caught my eye. It is a fruit vending machine, OK, I’ve seen fruit vending machine dispensing fruits but this is not your regular one it dispense FRESHLY SQUEEZED Orage Juice, how cool is that, I was hoping to see other fruit juice machine next to it, maybe Watermelon, Strawberry, Banana, Cranberry (wait… Banana?)

Each cup has about four to five premium Sunkist oranges and I just had to try it out. It cost about $3.50 for 350ml and best part is that you get to see the oranges being squeezed out of its life for you to suck on, now that sucks. (check out the 1080p video below)

I rather have more machines like this, than those with Soda or Ciggies. A healthier options means a better health to everyone out there, so why not a $3.50 freshly squeezed OJ than a $3.50 Bubble tea.

Let’s say If you could have your own vending machine what would you want it to dispense??




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