Running for Clean Water

This week I am featuring a very special person on my blog-post who is raising funds for clean water, Her name is Sarah Pierce and I gotten to know her through her dad Barto, many of you may know Barto as Bart, but most of you will know him as OldGuyRunning in Instagram,  Frank has grew a large following when he started Challengeville, Challenge ville is basically a Instagram challenge where by you choose the distance you run in a month and post it up. It is more motivation for all runners. Good Luck to all the runners out there running the Challengeville challenge. (If you think you are man / woman enough to do the challenge please login to your instagram account search for @OldGuyRunning) oh mind you the numbers are in Miles if you live in this part of Asia.

And so like her dad, Sarah is also a person of motivation and determination, She is currently fundraising for clean water and is making a difference to date she has collected over $590 for clean water charity and is not stopping there. I manage to get hold of her and did a quick interview before she heads off for her Budapest Marathon, Good Luck to you Sarah and keep on rocking the miles !

Sarah Pierce

Check out my Ten Question in getting better to know Ms Sarah Peirce

1. Who is Sarah Pierce?

I am many people, all rolled into one. I am a dreamer. I am a writer. I am a traveler. I am a military veteran. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. But most of all, I am a doer. I am someone who sees life’s roadblocks as challenges through which strength is gained and lessons are learned rather than a barrier. I strive for success in area of my life, as well as leading a life that is inspirational to others and beneficial to the world around me.
2. Is Tri for Charity your foundation? If not who are they? 
Tri For Charity was founded by Tobias Remes, a friend of mine whom I came to know through Instagram. Together with his family members Daniel and Ellen, the dream of a charity to help those in remote areas without clean water became a reality. I was chosen to be taken on as part of the team in July 2014 after an interview via FaceTime when the four of us connected as if we had known each other for years.

3. Is this your first fund raiser ?

Aside from little fundraisers for school when I was a kid, yes! I have never taken on a full-scale fundraiser for charity (always opting to donate my own money to causes instead) because I always felt intimidated by the prospect of being told “no.” This time was different, as I got a firsthand look at the issue and the actions being taken by Tri For Charity to help combat it.

4. Why Clean Water for the World? 

First and foremost, it’s a basic human need. Without water, depending on the climate, a person will only last 3-5 days. In a tragic twist of fate, it’s people in warmer climates who need safe water for drinking the most, meaning that these people are at the highest risk when it comes to fatalities regarding dehydration. The global water crisis is something that isn’t widely recognized, as in developed parts of the world, turning a handle on a faucet is totally normal. We don’t think about the issue because we don’t have to; it’s never been relevant to us. And yet, on the same planet, there are people living a life of struggle, getting sick, and inevitably dying due to the lack of something that we so often take for granted.
The water crisis in itself is a huge enough issue, but there are problems within the problem as well, including but not limited to: women having to walk all day, every day to collect water for their families—a journey that spans many kilometers and is dangerous because of the wildlife along the walk as well as sexual harassment and assault—water which is unsanitary and would disgust someone who is accustomed to just turning on a faucet and having fresh water stream out. As a woman, this speaks volumes to me. I put myself in the mind of a woman whose entire life revolves around such a task, and it’s heartbreaking to think that it could have been me. These women live this way and are made to feel worthless day in and day out simply because of the luck of the draw, and as someone who strives for equality in every facet of life, the way that women in remote areas are treated—as nothing more than objects in society rather than people, then at the end of the day only having dirty water to show for it—is deplorable and needs to be addressed.
Additionally, the mortality rate among children in these vulnerable areas is all too high. An average of about 1400 children die every day, about one every minute. One child every sixty seconds perishing because they lack something that other parts of the world have in such vast abundance, and with a simple turn of a faucet, is unacceptable to me. This problem is so simple to solve, and so beneficial: what if the cure for cancer is locked inside of one of those minds? I think very often about the actual people themselves that are dying unnecessarily rather than just the statistics, which for me, has been the difference in just feeling compelled and actually taking an initiative in the global water shortage.

5. Why running for water and now swimming ? kayaking ? Bouldering ? Go-Kart Racing? 

Tri For Charity was founded on a passion for triathlon, but stresses that you absolutely do not have to be a triathlete to participate or to raise funds. The organization is set up to be an outlet for those competing in athletic events to raise funds for a cause that is important and a charity whose actions are transparent. I chose running for my Athlete Campaign because I, personally, run marathons. However, any athlete participating in any sort of event can create their own campaign to raise funds for the cause.

6. What is your targeted funds to be raised for this fund raiser? 

My goal amount was $500, which I was able to exceed within two weeks of fundraising. However, it doesn’t stop there! You can’t put a price on saving lives.

7. If someone nominated you for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge will you do it? 

I would opt to instead donate funds to the ALS Association.

8. What do you think of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

To me, dumping a bucket of water–chilled by ice, meaning more water—on your head and filming it in order to lightly simulate the effects of an incredibly painful and debilitating disease is, frankly, a waste of water…which is counterproductive to my mission. I’m giving clean water to those getting sick from waterborne bacteria in the only water they can access, to those dying of disease and dehydration, whereas people other parts of the world are dumping fresh water and ice on their heads and laughing. The Ice Bucket Challenge did raise 108 million USD, which is wonderful, but to my cause, it’s totally irrelevant and just a little bit insulting when you think of the facts I have stated about the water crisis we are facing.

9. Any Shout-out to anyone out there ?

I’ve got to thank my friends Tobias Remes, the founder of Tri for Charity, and his amazing family/partners Daniel Remes and Ellen Bergström in this endeavor. Without their tireless work in forming this organization and heading up their first mission to deliver filtration systems in Tanzania earlier this year, two villages full of people would still be drinking dirty water, still getting sick, and still dying.

10. If there is one race where you can participate, where would it be and why ? 

I’ve always had my eye on the stunning Big Sur Marathon in California, but I would also love to go back to where it all began with the Athens Marathon.


Please do support Sarah in her efforts to raise funds for clean water and I would like to personally Thank Sarah for her efforts in the Clean Water program and trying to creating a sustainable future for the people with no clean water. God Bless you and to everyone out there, $20 does not seem alot to us but It definitely will go a long way for others.

To Donate Please click on the following link

Sarah Pierce

“I Believe I am here for a Reason and My Purpose is Greater than My Challenge”


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