Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow Ribbon Prison

It is only one day away for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run and I am so excited to be participating in this run where by we support and give the ex-offender a chance, the YRP was first adopted from the 1973 Tony Orlando and Dawn hit song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”, which aptly describes a released prisoner’s desire for forgiveness and acceptance.

The second ‘prison’ that many ex-offenders step into after their release is a social and psychological one. The key to unlocking this second ‘prison’ is in the hands of family, friends, neighbours, employers and the community. In other words, Singaporeans like you and me are empowered to help these ex-offenders rebuild their lives.

The Yellow Ribbon Project was launched in 2004 by the CARE Network, a group of eight member agencies that encourage the acceptance of ex-offenders in Singapore. Over the past 10 years, thousands of Singaporeans have demonstrated their support via several platforms, including public events such as the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run.

The #YRSelfie Project

Have you taken #YRSelfie for a cause? For the first time ever, you can now take #YRSelfie at a Clear Channel full-screen interactive selfie booths at a bus stop near you. Personalise them by adding a motivational message or icons and look out for them on the Yellow Ribbon Project Facebook page. For location list, see the YRP Facebook page for more details.


So sleep early tonight everyone. We’ve got a race to run tomorrow! and see you there !


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