Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014 Review and Results

Yesterday was the sixth annual Yellow Ribbon Prison Run held at Changi, and I have to say great organizing by the organizers. Every little detail has been looked into, such as start point, baggage storage, water point, shuttle bus and even to the morning warm up. Well they should have gotten it right cause it is their 6th time holding it in the same place. The first Yellow Ribbon Prison Run back in 2009 was already well organized and not it is even better.

This year was even more special as the MP Ms Grace Fu graced the event and all of us did a #wefie for the YRP (Spot Me) but I have to salute her for running the event and even running the full 6k, last year it was Minister Teo Chee Hean

What the organisers did really well was to have those school kids/volunteers cheer by the side of the road, they cheer with their hearts and no matter how tired or even if they were just alone, they will cheer for you, and I have to say THANK YOU GUYS, THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! You make a difference for all runners our there.

Running the route has never changed  since day one and this year we saw a total of 9000 participants hitting the pavement, back in 09 less than a thousand or so participants was running this event, it is great to see how YRP is growing and many runners taking a interest in unlocking the second prison. I also saw last year women 6k first place finisher Ms Pigtail Wendy,  Looks like she will be a familiar face in Yellow Ribbon for many years to come.

This year tagline is “The Road to Acceptance” and I love their promotional posters garnering support for the Yellow Ribbon Project

tagline tagline2

Will just be doing a short review on my run yesterday, as my Berlin Marathon is coming up in two weeks time, I decided to take it easy and not really push hard as it is just a 6k run that was my plan. But you know.. plans don’t always go as planned.

I wanted to start running a easy 5:30pace but when horns were blaring I felt that I was in turbo mood, totally not good as my legs sense that I wanted to get it over as soon as possible, I know I can’t be running 3min pace yes as one of the Japanese guys ran past me with ease and it felt like I was walking, at the 1km mark, I glanced upon my watch and it was 4min (too fast for me cause I did not even warm up).

After slowing down not to burn my engine another guy passed me, a young lad came from behind and told me that it was his first YRP run, I did not catch his name but he encouraged me to go on (Nice lad, wish I could talk to him more) he is a cross country runner for his school, with his stride and enthusiasm I am sure he will be someone soon in the running scene.

2km mark glanced at my watch it was 8min40sec, I am still pushing 4min pace, by the 3km it was only 15min. (At least I know I am doing easy pace now of 5min) the last 3km I was only passing people and finally ended the run with someone sprinting pass me to the end line where I finished with my results below, PBed my 6km with a average pace of 4min50sec which I got that going for me.

The medal get’s better every year

Thanks for reading guys and If you like to know your results for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2014 do click on MY RESULTS to find out how you did.



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