RunTweetUpSG was AWESOME !

isaac976 RuntweetupSG

Last Friday was one crazy day, my workplace did not see me fumed up so mad before and I have to say it was my first time as well, things just gotten out of hand and me as the Operations person I had to ensure that everything flows and works smoothly, Stayed with the warehouse people and was talking over the phone with the office to get it all perfect even I know it is not.

And for that It ate up all my time to meet up with the runners who were already waiting for me at the RunTweetUp site, best part is that I was one of the organisers and I was fashionably late, I HATE being late and this time I really had no choice. I really apologise to those waiting for me and I was trying my best and as fast as I could, it was just one of those days.




Before I go on, I have to mention that the first “RunTweetUpSG” was a success and I am glad we had one in the first place, This run is not about who is the fastest or who wears the best gear, this run was intended for runners to BE a runners all while having fun. No competitiveness in all of us, we are all about Motivation and motivate we did, we had two newbie runner who never ran, but Mike supported all the way, would you believe it, even one guy with a broken foot came for this event (NO KIDDING)

I would like to thank @Coach_Holly and @Mikeh71a for doing such a great job in planning and recce in advance for a run route, not to mention @endorphynnn for the tremendous help as well.

If you are wondering if there will be another one cause you miss the first one ? well might happen ? it could happen? who knows what the future holds. I already know people are asking about it and it will only get bigger for sure.

We Run, We Sweated and We Drank but more importantly we all LAUGHED together !

Once again for those who made the effort to come down and even wanting to come down after we finished our drinks, I THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


I would like to thank Compressport for being supportive in this RunTweetUp and those who was willing to help but I turned down.


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