Best Kept Secret Coffee joint in Hougang

Well it is not the best kept secret but maybe for me cause I have never heard of this place until recently, but for the folks around this district, they sure kept this secret well enough.

In my previous post on Guan Chee Roasted Meat stall in Hougang Block 106, we stumbled upon word of mouth that there was this coffee joint at a nearby Hainanese Village Centre located on the 2nd floor.

If it was not for word of mouth this place would be mistaken as just another coffee shop in my books, but somehow or rather, the owner have one trick up his sleeves by using the old school method of brewing coffee with the socks method, the one thing that really his me was that he was using brass pots to make their kopi. Brass is not as hardy as stainless steel they they need to be changed more frequently which is why lot of hawkers have changed to stainless steel pots.  Mr Tay mentions that Brass is a good conductor of heat and will make the coffee taste better.

Da Zhong Coffee (5) Da Zhong Coffee (4)

After collecting my coffee from a long queue, I let the coffee cool down first as it was piping hot and I this gave me some time to take some shots, the intense darkness and deep aroma of the coffee reminds me of the days back in Starbucks.

But do not let the darkness of the coffee fool you, I was thinking this cup of coffee will be a thick in consistency, but in fact it was watery when I had my first gulp, It had  this clear taste with mid acidity but a strong roasted bean after taste (ok too use to describing coffee in my Coffee Master ways back in my Starbuck days) It just felt diluted at first but with the sugary bottom it will hit you like espresso shots. Mild but strong after taste.

Totally recommend this to people loving espresso and water (they call it Americano in SB) but without the hefty price tag, this cup of wonder cost me only $0.70.

Da Zhong Coffee (3) Da Zhong Coffee (2) Da Zhong Coffee (1)

As for the Ice coffee, I can’t begin to describe how creamy smooth this coffee is,the portion of the cup is HUGE, really it is HUGE for the price you paid, in total I paid only $1.60 for the coffee and ice coffee, looking at it you can’t think it would be any good, plain ice coffee at best. One sip was all it take to change my mind about outlook.

This fella had it all, the smoothness of a blended Frap, with the creamy thickness of a latte all this going in well with the icy cold ice, my suggestion is to not dilute the coffee with the ice as if it was from the Hong Kong style cafe, then It would be perfect but not in a economical scale. YUMZ and also totally worth drinking if you are a coffee addict.

we were stuffed from the roasted duck stall hence no ordering of the steam bread which was highly recommended as well.

Please take note of their opening time from 5am to 2pm only



If you decide to patronise Da Zhong the address is as below:

Da Zhong Cafe
Hainanese Village Food Centre

Blk 105 Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530105
5am to 2pm

Closed Monday



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