Must Try Hougang Neighbourhood Wanton Char Siew Noodle

What could be better in a weekend than strolling and eating sumptuous, well OK beside sleeping in late and and eating even better food the night before.

Woke up about 10am and stomach was growling, did not want to go any where further than a 10km proximity from our home and so we decided to look for neighborhood stall for some lunch,

Friends of ours recommend this place “Guan Chee Hong Kong Roasted Duck” as this stall sells a HUGE repertoire of roasted (and even non-roasted) meats and get this, ROASTED SUCKING PIG Rice. yes my friend if I were to input a video now (it would look like the HISTORY GUY) saying yes this is SUCKLING PIG RICE.


First thing’s first, it was said that this place still BBQ their duck using the old traditional method and that is by charcoal and with that we are totally sold. We arrived and we did not know what to order as drooling over the counter at all the roasted meat makes me want to order everything there is.

We decided on roast pork and duck combo with rice.



For the plate that we ordered which is duck and roasted pork belly rice I have to say the – roast pork was off the hook, the crackling of skin on bite and the meat inside is tender and striated with layers of fat that melts in your mouth, each bite makes me feel like ordering one slab and eating it on the go or between sandwiches for lunch.

I can’t say that the duck is bad but I have to say I had better, the duck feels like just any other roasted duck stall despite the hype that it uses charcoal method of cooking. There was no crackling of skin (could the the over drench of sauce) the plum sauce that was given to use was merely enough to dab. This plate cost us $13 with rice.

Roasted Pork Belly has a yum factor of 4/5 but the duck which is their forte had to settle for a 3/5 in my books

With unsatisfied hunger, we decided to order another plate of char siew wanton noodle $3/plate

This! my friend did not disappoint us. The Char siew had a strong roasted flavor and it was well caramelised, enough to coat your tongue with flavors that is bursting with well balance fat.

Where can I begin with the al-dente, springy otherwise we call it QQ noodle texture, there was no after chemical taste and the noodle on the other hand is comparable to Hong Kong standard which I deem awesome, but do take note that the chef have a heavy hand with the salt but otherwise O-M-G, I give this plate of wanton noodle a 4.5 / 5  (MUST TRY)

DSC_0140 DSC_0141

If you decide to visit this place, it is located at

Block 106 Coffeeshop, 106 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1239 s530107

Sun – Thu: 10:00 – 22:00

Fri – Sat: 10:00 – 23:00

Eve of PH: 10:00 – 23:00


*Next post up is what we had for drinks after…


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