Magic 9H Tempered Glass for Nikon

Was totally excited when I got my screen protector yesterday, and this baby is made of glass, tempered glass and I hope this stand the test of time, I gotten this fella was because I lost my GGS III Glass LCD protector and it looks like this. totally do not recommend the below cause it came loose and it just dropped out from my camera. It made me lose my Nikon rubber eyecup altogether so when you buy this brand make sure you get a cheap rubber eye cup.

GGS tempered GlassLosing thing ain’t fun and I was so furious to know I dropped it while on my trip, went straight back to the hotel and search for a screen protector that does not look like the product on the left.

No No no .. Learnt my lesson and definitely not gonna buy that brand anymore.

I gotten myself this tempered glass called Magic Glass , I found out that there is another brand selling this Magic Glass which is named Remax but I got this half product a half of the priced of the Remax

This glass is made with specially processed tempered glass to protect screen of the device from shocks and scratches.It is very effective in absorbing the impact, they mentioned that the surface hardness is on level 8-9H, this tempered glass protector is made of chemical processed glass which has excellent display, It say’s on the packaging that the glass has an anti-shattered film, Sensitive touch.

The product was really easy to put on and there was no air bubble as the tempered glass really feels solid. I won’t know how it hold up as I would definitely not gonna scratch my screen with a knife unless your willing to get me a new camera, I would even destroy the cam for testing if you would .

Magic Glass Magic Glass

Check out my unboxing video below and hope you enjoyed it

Isaac 2 Cent’s Worth

I find that the glass installation is pretty easy and only took me about a minute or so, the glass felt really solid and I am sure it would last but not sure on the scratch proof, but I think having a tempered glass would be better than having no protection at all, imagine having a scratch on your LCD screen, so just invest in a small amount on a tempered glass but most definitely not the GGS one.


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