Salomon X-Trail Punggol Route Review

Salomon X-Trail happened yesterday at Punggol and this race is part of the regional Salomon X-Trail series created to introduce the marvels of trail running to runners in the region. It was flagged off at 5pm which is actually I would say good timing because when all participants have finished their run, post run dinner should just be on time. This even saw over 1,800 runner who took  and Nimesh Gurung won first place in the 10k Men’s Open category finishing in 36 minutes and 17 seconds (BLAZING SPEED I TELL YOU) while Vanja Cnops won first place in the Women’s Open category 10k completing in 41 minutes and 20 seconds.

But for most participants we would just like to complete the race in good time, for me when they announced a NEW route to be announce a couple of months back, this created the hype of wondering where in Punggol? I am a residence of Punggol and I myself could not figure out where in Punggol has a trail that could give runners a challenge?  Most runners in all running forums has created this buzz.

So do you think the Punggol has a trail that could excites the nature loving runners?

Salomon XTrailMy weapon of choice was my beloved Mizuno Sayonara and my Compressports Calf Sleeves UR2 which works really well because of it’s bead massaging effect. Have been using it for a couple of runs now and a review of it will be out soon, I know the Sayonara’s are not much of a Trail shoe but hey I love how it rolls my feet off the ground.

Salomon XTrail Salomon XTrail
Hello good people of Salomon, can you gimme one of this shoe please ? well anyway they have to put the Salomon Sense Lab 3 on display, what a bummer not having that shoe on my feet for the race. Gorgeous shoe

Salomon XTrail Salomon XTrail

Appreciate the hydration sponsors from Dasani and Aquarius for providing support for the event and all water and drinks was sufficient, volunteers was fast enough to hand out drinks at the water aid station, some even to the extent of coming out of the station and handing to the runners.

The organisers also brought in drones for aerial pictures and video effects,but thing is where do we get to see the pictures or videos? any idea guys ? do let me know

I met Constance at the starting line where I paced her all the way, she was recovering from her running and some encouragement was good. Yes I know.. we RAWK !!

Salomon XTrail 2015 (3)

Salomon XTrail

It is good that the organisers are punctual on the start time, have been to events where the VIP or for some reason the event start time gets delayed, 5pm sharp and off we go (I spotted Azenic) at the start line the regular runners from F1 were there as well.  The start of the race took place infront of the HDB open field near Sumang Link block 313B

Salomon XTrail Plenty of excited runners at the gun off and hurry we did. So if you were wondering how the new route was? well I have to say I am definitely not impressed with the new route, running 300m into the race there hit a snag where it was bottleneck, most runners whom have just felt the energy surge would have just got to put their gear to a halting stop.

We continue running on the trail and it was all good till we hit snag number 2, out of no where there was this gate locked in chains and we had to go under, It felt like Commando Challenge I swear, but It was fun for sure, I would have gone all leopard crawl  if it was muddy but there wasn’t any to be seen, it was getting kind of draggy running on the Punggol Waterway pavement and I even over heard many people saying when’s the trail coming? or even Where is the trail?

So sadly there was none until redemption came at 8km, the last 2 km we had some challenging trail obstacles, for this Punggol route, there was many tree stubs and roots on the ground which I nearly tripped and kicked on some. This picture taken by @SebFitTri was gorgeous This was the last 1km into the race.


Totally had fun and I have to say this years medal design is one of the redemption for this race as well as meeting new friends and running outdoors. So if your sitting still on your couch on this beautiful weekend, I would recommend you to GO OUT and GET MOVING BABY !!

Salomon XTrail 2015 (1)Salomon XTrail 2015 (2)


and for my summary of this Race Route Review here is Isaac 2cent’s worth

  1. Timing was great, hope next race would be in the same time
  2. Awesome Aid Station support
  3. Gunoff Time was accurate and on time
  4. The medal was great looking (keep it up guys)
  5. There was not much trails to begin with as it was a 80% pavement and 20% trail
  6. Not enough muddy grounds and water to get ourself dirty (It is a trail event after all)
  7. PLEASE BRING BACK TAMPINES TRAIL (We all want the mud and glory)

So do you guys agree with me ?

Participants can log onto for their results and pictures from 24 November.




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