How to Survive illumi Run Singapore

Just received this awesome SWAG BAG aka goodie bag for this years much anticipated fun run, as much as I am looking forward to it, I wanna share my “Real World Experience in surviving this Fun Run. It may look harmless but you better read up cause you will surely enjoy this run much more, but before I go on, check out my swag bag.


This bag has so much swag that it even has to be in shimmery rainbow material. Eye catching for sure, but really most people would love to know what is inside .


In this bag it comes with

  1. Swag Bag (I will explain later)
  2. T-shirt (Medium Size but runs a size small)
  3. Light Bracelet
  4. Light Spectacle
  5. Foam stick
  6. Race Bib

I started tearing all the plastic off on the accessories and the t-shirt and started putting it on. Swag is me (NOT)



Here are Isaac’s top tips on having so much fun for this upcoming run and if this is your first iLLumi Run, sit up and take notice cause I went bonkers on my previous one (read about it here)

  1. Instead of standard issue T-shirt, grab your scissors and make design, In the previous run, I saw this girl creativity that she snipped the whole back out with designs and she looked absolutely SEXY !

  2. Embrace the illuminator, as they are the one who is going to cover you with glow water


  3. Try not to wear your new sneakers cause your definitely gonna need alot of washing but hey for me I always use my beat up sneakers as I can either throw them away or just simply wash them off.

  4. Do not run the course, do a more like a Brisk walk or jog cause all along the way there will be a mini PARTY and hell yeah we partied on all the stop and this is where you get into the Glow Zone. 

  5. Remember in the swag bag that you have just received ? there is a foam stick that is used to hit the slower runners (just kidding) remember to light it up as it is a glowing foam stick, how do you do that? just look at the bottom of the stick there is a button to turn it on.

  6. Always stay back for the after party and continue the party on at the finish line. The fun continues with an ultimate dance extravaganza hosted by club DJs and other surprises to ensure that the party extends through the night.

  7. and lastly bring extra set of clothes and slipper for a change after your done with the party and this is where the SWAG bags come in handy, put in all your glowing clothes in it and continue partying somewhere else.

Check out the iLLumi run route map


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