Where Do You Find Motivation?

How do one recover from a slump and find motivation in their workout regime or towards their goal? Many people do fall into this category where they started they workout schedule feeling all excited and all, and having stuck to their schedule they hit a snag and felt like everything just fallen down and they can’t find that motivational factor in them to continue, for me I have been in a slump since Berlin Marathon and ever since then I have not recovered from it, It is bad, been a month or so now and I have ran a couple of runs but to me it feels that I have lost it. I feel no energy and I have been really tired of late ? I can’t factor in if it was Berlin or was it something else? (just making Berlin an excuse). This time I can’t really pin point on which is my pain point here.  All I want to do is just lay down on the bench and look upon the sky.


Well I have Tokyo coming up in 2 months or so I can’t be like this anymore, meeting up with a couple of other peeps that ran Tokyo with me this year again. I can’t bear to let myself down again and again. I know running sub 4 for some people is just like ..”Hey Hun, lets go for a morning run and BAM they do 3:45 on a easy 42k” LOL .. ok I don’t really know anyone who does that but it’s just a saying.

Anyway I am starting my lunch runs again, really hope I get out of this slump and pick myself up so wish me luck guys ,for this post I am just rambling but anyway I have a couple of Motivator to share with you guys and today hope you like it, and if you have your motivating tips do share with me and I can share with the rest. Check you out later !



3 responses

  1. Santhi

    Motivation From other runners… But mostly from within I guess. I now don’t give myself to think about to run or not – just lace up and set out.
    Wish you the best for Tokyo!!


    06/12/2014 at 10:55 pm

    • Thanks Santhi but I have this mental block everytime I wanna lace up I tell myself later.. and later never comes.. 😯😯


      06/12/2014 at 10:59 pm

      • Santhi

        Ahhh, yes that elusive later. Oh well… Will just wait patiently for your happy update ;))


        07/12/2014 at 2:24 pm

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