Singapore Marathon Oakley Booth

Oakley Expo (1)

There is one booth I will never fail to stop whenever I am at the Singapore Marathon race pack collection Expo. This has been two years running that Oakley is having such great deals, how can anyone not buy? If you like to know what the promo is that they are having that make it so irresistible ?

Well it first you are able to  trade in any of your sunglasses brands for a pair of customised Oakley Radarlock or Radar and get $100 off! (pssst.. dont tell the Oakley team that I told you this cause I am gonna get killed..just go out and get a pair of cheap sunnies from 7-11 or something at the cost of less than $10) then head over to Hall 5, Booth 69 and get a $100 off. Now what a bargain.

I have gotten mine annually at the race expo and check out my new fresh out of the box Infra Red Jade Iridium Radarlock. Make me droolz, darn now my mums gonna nag me again for buying Oakley again.

Oakley Expo (4) Oakley Expo (5) Oakley Expo (6)

Well anyway that is not only the deal there, check out the following as well, but wait just to clarify with you guys that if you are getting $100 off you are not getting the Oakley goodie bag, so it is either or. So choose wisely. If you can’t decide just get two.

Oakley Expo (2)

Don’t say Good Stuff No Share Hor. Anyway head over soon as today is the last day of the EXPO and they close at 7pm. Have a Great Run Everyone and Good Luck Tomorrow


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