Volvo XC60 Drive-E Sports Review

I was ecstatic when I read my email a few weeks back that I will be given a luxury SUV Volvo XC60. All thoughts came to my mind on how amazing it will be to own such a wonderful and beautiful car, totally day dreaming how cool I will be, cruising down the street, windows rolled down, arms hanging out looking all suave and such

With much anticipation, I clicked open and read that email and this happened. It is the Volvo XC60 review. (So yup, no “Volvo” to call my own but hey look on the bright side, I do have it for the weekend)  So read on and see what this Volvo can do for a triathlete enthusiast


In terms of buying a car I have certain criteria when it comes to selecting the car of my dreams I don’t know about you but for me this is how I select my car in the said priority

  1. Trunk Space
  2. Price
  3. Looks
  4. Fuel Efficiency
  5. Freebies / Rebate

Why Trunk Space is first? my reason is simple, it is because that I need to fit in my bikes as well as cargo bags when I travel, I don’t fancy cars with their bike rack sticking out of the boot or even on the roof top as it will increase fuel consumption base of aerodynamics

When I first got the car I am very confident that it will fit my bike if I am going to bring it out for training or race site, but what happens if I have a friend tagging along, I was wondering will it all fit ? what happens to our gears and maybe even do a little shopping after the race ? I simulated a real life situation and you can see it here on the video I made

When people talk about driving a Volvo they think of driving a tank ? I held the same thought when I think of Volvo as “Clunky” “Unintuitive” “Heavy” and “Fuel Guzzler” when I first gotten the car at the showroom, but I have to say it’s none of that. Those are definitely the past and Volvo have prove themselves to be very innovative and trendy: if you say a Volvo is a grand dads car: you have not seen the POLESTAR

Volvo surely have turned heads with its new luxurious design for its SUV and the new XC60 is more acceptable and trendier for the current market, and they will only grow better in design and safety in the future. They surely have gone away from the boxy iconic Volvo design and up their style

I am not going to go into the driving experience, because as much as I want to tell you how much I love driving the car, it would only take your own opinion to feel and understand how drivable this car is on the road and off road (so please head down to Volvo showroom to test out), but I am going to tell you the noticeable features of this beautiful car that I get to drive for the weekend.

I did like how they incorporated small features in the car which will make passengers more comfortable. One more feature that captured my eye was this little button. Can you guess what that is ? it kinda look like a head chopping button at first.


That button is the head rest extraction for the middle back seat passenger which most car makers does not apply. loving how Volvo incorporates such design seamlessly into the back seat and with a foldable tray for more storage, totally remarkable


As for luxurious driving does not come with a hefty fuel guzzling price as peoples’ main concern in present time are high soaring fuel prices around the globe. This gorgeous SUV has a large tank of 70liters and have made a great impression on me because it is number 4 on my priority list.

Throughout the three days of driving the vehicle, I clocked an average of 100km which is infact alot for Singapore because the island is only 45km from one end to the other.

Day 3 Fuel

This is day 2 and if you notice the fuel bar on the left it had only dropped a single bar after driving 182.5km on the ODO. Interesting to know how far it will go in a full tank ? Sales rep mentioned it will go 1000km when I asked, but in reality I think it will do easy 700 for such a size.

Anyway It was a wonderful driving experience and I do hope you have enjoyed my youtube video. If you have any comments or thoughts about the XC60 I would most definitely like to hear. Please drop it in the comment box below so I can see what you guys are thinking of this car?

Side by side with its bigger brother

Side by side with its bigger brother


2 responses

  1. Great review, totally loved your video and choice of items to test out trunk size! Bravo.


    10/12/2014 at 1:11 pm

    • Hey Step, yeah I think it would even fit a African Twin in there if you were to remove its wheels. Just that the car seems so responsive and so easy to drive. (waiting to find my Genie to grant me 3 wishes)

      Liked by 1 person

      10/12/2014 at 2:02 pm

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